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Spokane Tribe Back Up Generator RFP21-010

To download the entire RFP21-010 click here.

The company chosen will install and configure the system to the liking of the Spokane Tribe Council Support Staff.

Proposal shall include and identify any estimated costs, unknown costs, assumptions and contingencies, with a best effort to clearly describe each issue as well as provide any recommendations.


To be considered responsive to this RFP, each Proposer is required to submit their proposal for the work in written form.  Three (3) copies of the submitter’s written proposal will be due no later than 4:00 P.M. on 5/23/2021.  The Selection Committee will consider each proposal relative to the needs of the Tribe as described in this RFP, SOW, and the Contractor’s response to each aspect of the Work. Scoring by the Selection Committee of the submitter’s written proposal to produce a total score and ranking of individuals.

  • Qualifications – Present qualifications to complete the Work as described in the SOW. Demonstrate capability of providing all services anticipated within the SOW.
  • Project Management – Present the process by which the Proposer will establish and maintain effective project management throughout the course of the Work. Include cost and task tracking mechanisms proposed to keep Work on schedule, within budget, and of professional quality.
  • Technical Proposal – Provide a narrative discussion of your relevant experience with Finance/ Accounting Consulting and plan for the Work in sufficient detail to demonstrate the Proposer understands key objectives for each project/task described herein and has developed a logical strategy for resolution.
  • Business Proposal. Provide itemized hourly rates and per diem/travel rates, and other relevant cost information.

Proposals prepared in accordance with the RFP/SOW and received by the closing date and time will be opened, reviewed and scored by the Selection Committee, and a recommendation will be made to Tribal Council for formal acceptance. Scoring of proposal submittals will be based on the following criteria: