Wellpinit Boys and Girls Club Temporary shutdown


It has came to our attention here at Wellpinit Boys & Girls Club this afternoon that there may have been exposure to COVID-19. That individual did get tested and with the rapid results, that child came back negative.

Our Club shut down immediately and contact was made to all parents to pick up their child. Staff did a deep clean before leaving the building as well.

By recommendation of Shaila Khan (Director Club/Child Safety of Snohomish County) and Liz (Nurse at David C. Wynecoop Memorial Clinic) WBGC will be closed until results of the other test comes back.

Clinic also contacted youth and 3 staff members that was in direct contact of the child that was tested to self quarantine.

Staff will do a deep cleaning tomorrow of the club.

Feel free to contact me by email, phone, or messenger.


Billy Flett Sr.
Wellpinit BGC
Unit Diretor
509-258-4804 (offie)