Wellpinit Boys and Girls Club Moving to Phase 3

Wellpinit Boys & Girls Club will be moving into Spokane Tribe phase 3 of the COVID-19 policy on July 6th (Monday).

We will be open to all kids. We are capable to take in 120 kids with 6 main staff. Although we will be taking in 50% of that number including staff. Which will figure out to 50 kids anf 10 staff members in the building.

We will continue take temperatures and require kids/staff to wear face coverings at the building during operation hours, practice social distancing, provide hand sanitizer and have kids wash hands with soap throughout the day.

Kids will be dropped off at front of building and a staff member will be at the front door to take temperatures. If your child’s temp is 100.4 and above, child will be required to go home, parents are not to just drop off child and drive off. Wait for staff to give you the ok to leave or not.

Only staff and youth inside of building during operation hours. Please respect that request.

Staff will do a daily cleaning of the building throughout the day and also a major cleaning at the end of the day.

Please send your child to WBGC with a face covering. We do have extra face coverings but limited supply for the youth who show up at club with no face covering.


Billy Flett Sr
Wellpinit BGC
Unit Director
509-258-4804 (office)