Wellpinit Boys and Girls Club Announcement

Beginning on June 29, 2020 all youth attending WBGC will be required to wear cloth face coverings (bandannas ok) while IN THE BUILDING. If your child can not wear a mask for any medical reasons, we ask that you provide a doctor’s note for our files.

If possible, could you as parents/guardians send your child with a face covering to our club.

However I have made a order to a local person to provide some face coverings and also made a requested to our BGC main office in Everett, WA to send any face covering to our club.
Please contact me by FB messenger, office phone number, or email. If you have any questions.

FYI to the community;

Parents/Guardians please when picking up your child from our club at the end of the day. You are not allowed to walk into our building and wander around to grab your child.

When arriving at the front door to pick up your child. You can open the front door slightly and a bell/buzzer will sound off so that our staff can hear this and grab your child for you.

Please respect this request. If you have difference opinions on this, please feel free to contact me by FB Messenger, phone, or email

Billy Flett Sr.
Wellpinit BGC
Unit Director
509-258-4804 (office)