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Water Resources Management Plan for Spokane Indian Reservation

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The SPOKANE TRIBE OF INDIANS is requesting proposals from reasonable, responsive, responsible, and qualified firms to assist the Tribe with the development of a Water Resources Management Plan for the Spokane Indian Reservation. All projects will be subject to applicable tribal, federal, contract, or grant rules and regulations.

The Spokane Indian Reservation borders are the East Bank of Tshimakain Creek, the South Bank of the Spokane River, the West Bank of the Columbia River and the Northern Border is the 48th parallel. The Spokane Indian Reservation has approximately 200 homes on individual wells and 7 community water systems that serve over 250 additional homes. There are currently two fish hatcheries on the reservation utilizing water from the Tshimakain Creek watershed. The Tribe employs a GIS manager who maintains a database containing information evaluating the number of homes and residents on the reservation. The Spokane Tribe of Indians departments of planning and housing have documents describing current population and water use as well as projected areas of growth. Additionally, the Tribe’s water rights in Tshimakain Creek were adjudicated and quantified in U.S. v. Anderson, and the remainder of the Tribe’s waters remain unadjudicated and unquantified.



  • Overview:

The Spokane Tribe of Indians Department of Natural Resources in coordination with Spokane Tribal Planning and Housing is requesting proposals to assist the Tribe in completing a Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP) to improve the long-term sustainability of Reservation wide water resources.


  • The Water and Fish program is looking for a concise and usable WRMP that should include and address (but not be limited to):
    • Current and future water use and needs
      • Current supply and needed improvements
        • Ground water (community, domestic, hatchery, irrigation, and industrial use)
        • Surface water (minimum instream flows, adjudications, water quality, irrigation and other out-of-stream uses)

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