The Spokane Tribe is seeking interested individuals to serve on the following committees/boards:


This is a position that is appointed by the Spokane Tribal Business Council as it applies to SLOC Chapter 23 Gaming Code.
This position will be required to meet at a minimum of one (1) to two (2) meetings a month with the Spokane Tribal Gaming Commission. Special Meetings may be called to conduct Commission Business.

• Must be an enrolled member of the Spokane Tribe.
• Provide input and unbiased decisions during meetings, hearings on behalf of the Spokane Tribe of Indians.
• Must be able to work independently, be detail oriented (written and verbal), and have a consistent attendance record.
• Must be willing to answer phones, emails after hours.
• Must be able to pass a background investigation and not having any convictions that would be disqualifying criteria.
• Gaming experience in casino or regulatory environment.
• Continuous knowledge of NIGC, and tribal/state compact requirements.
• Continuous knowledge of each gaming facility’s minimum internal control procedures, and ALL regulations and laws associated with Class II & Ill Gaming.
• Continuous knowledge of all casino games and equipment.
• Ability to make day to day decisions that affect ALL gaming activity.

► Please submit your LOI (Letter of Interest ) detailing your background, experience and knowledge, as applicable. for Council consideration.
Spokane Tribal employees seeking consideration must also provide written approval from their direct supervisor and acknowledge the STOI policy for serving on committees.
LOl’s should be submitted to the Council offices at the Admin Building or by email to and must be received by 4pm on Friday, April 2nd.