Tribal Council Statement on Spokane Tribe Telecom Exchange Initiative

The Spokane Tribal Council acknowledges that The Spokane Tribe’s voting membership has the right to exercise the legislative powers and duties of the Tribe enumerated in Article VIII through an initiative.

At the same time, when a petition is submitted two weeks prior to the general election in accordance with the Election Ordinance, there is not ample time to provide for public meetings for information sharing of the facts from the various positions of the voters and Tribal Entities.

The Spokane Tribal Council supports its members to exercise their 1st Amendments rights. When doing so, Tribal Council hopes that the digital exchange can be done in a good way and stay factual based.
All too often, social media threads can go in a direction where we lose the opportunity for constructive ideas for resolution.
CEO Robin Kennedy and any of the staff within the STTX organization has had no indications of any wrongdoing and no disciplinary actions taken against them. CEO Robin Kennedy of STTX was credited with bringing the concept of telecommunications (internet, telephone service) to the Spokane Indian Reservation in 2015.
In the future, Tribal Council will try to hold informational meetings so that information can be shared from the various points of views. Tribal Council stands behind our Mission Statement, “We shall respect and honor the sacredness of the membership as a family unit as our ancestors did (TBC Mission Statement adopted with Res. 2015-324).
In closing, the voting membership has voted, Tribal Council has codified the initiative with Resolution 2020-241 and will proceed with direction given by the voting membership of the Spokane Tribe.