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Tiny Home Project-Extended

Click here for entire RFP: RFP template – Tiny Home Project Extended

The SPOKANE TRIBE OF INDIANS is soliciting the services of qualified firms for providing services to the Tribe in order to lead the construction of a mobile Tiny Home along side a youth crew ages 17-19 within a five week time period. The five week time period will start sometime in early July of 2022.



The vendor’s duties shall include, but is not limited to, the following: Mobile Tiny Home Project services for the 477 Program:

  • Task 1 – Develop a 5-week program intended for youth/beginner-level workers (ages 16-19) with the intent to fully construct a mobile Tiny Home on the Spokane Indian Reservation. Provide a list of materials that will be needed in order to complete the project. The Spokane Tribe will purchase materials based on the contractor’s recommendation. The contractor will recommend how many youth should be involved in this project.
  • Task 2 – Teach appropriate courses that give youth/beginner level workers training needed in order to safely and properly participate in this project. Those courses should include but are not limited to the following:
    • Safety courses
    • Equipment/supplies operating courses
    • COVID-19 related safety courses (if applicable)
    • Any other courses or trainings that are required for participants to complete prior to starting this project….

Timeframe: We have a total of 5-weeks to train the youth/beginner-level workers and construct the Tiny Home on the Reservation. Roughly, we anticipate that the training takes a week, and construction takes the remaining four weeks. If the construction takes longer than the 5-week program, the Spokane Tribe’s TERO program will assist in completing the Tiny Home.