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TANF Building Re-roofing Project Bid NO. RFB21-029

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Install new TPO roofing system on approximately 24,480 sq. ft roof

1. Remove/Strip and haul away any unsuitable material that would inhibit installation of new system.
2. Repair or make ready any portion of current structure that would negatively affect the finished integrity of new roof system. Remove any wrinkles and add filler to low spots to ensure roof is as flat as possible to allow roof to flow towards drain location.
3. If needed, report to owner any deficiencies that need addressed beyond the reach of this agreement.
4. Install minimum 1/2” recovery board over entire surface fastened with plates and screws per manufacturer’s specifications.
5. Install minimum 80 mil TPO membrane over entire roof using 8’ wide rolls and fastened with plates and screws, per manufacturers specifications.
6. Install new TPO membrane up all inside parapet walls and under existing cap material.
7. Install any pertinent materials including but not limited to; insulation, sealants, adhesives, fasteners and sheathing.
8. Heat weld any/all seams created during installation.
9. Install unsupported detail membrane around all penetrations throughout roof area.
10. Seal all protrusions.
11. Responsible for the safety of all workers, Tribal Staff, and General public while performing work for this project.
12. Responsible for obtaining all permits and follow the city codes and ordinances
13. Responsible for posting construction warning signs at or near the construction site.
14. Responsible for barricading the work area or fencing the work area for safety
15. Responsible for the labor, equipment, tools, quality control, quantity control, hours of operation, safety procedures and other pertinent factors related to this project.
16. Responsible for notifying the owner of any problems or mitigating factors that may arise.
17. Obtain written approval for any changes or modification of this agreement
18. Complete in a timely manner. Notify owner of starting date and estimated completion date.