Strategic Energy Plan Development Services

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The SPOKANE TRIBE OF INDIANS is requesting proposals from reasonable, responsive, responsible, and qualified firms to provide services. The purpose of this contract is to supplement Tribal resources to complete multiple projects. All projects will be subject to applicable tribal, federal, contract, or grant rules and regulations.

The scope of this project will be to work with a STOI project manager, tribal council, and members of a STOI’s Energy Strategy Leadership Team, to be established by the Office of the Executive Director, while completing the tasks listed below. Respondent proposals must address each task in detail sufficient for reviewers to discern quality, approach robustness, and potential risks.


Task I -Facilitate Development of the STOI Energy Vision: The selected contractor will

provide facilitation services that support the development of a common energy vision that is both concise and actionable with meetings/events being held on-site, as pandemic phasing allows. Specifically, contractor facilitation will serve to:


  1. Create a professional survey that will be available electronically and by print to gather community input for informing development of the STOI Energy Vision;
  2. Compile, assess, and summarize survey data in a report;
  3. Work with the project team to identify and refine a list of desired outcomes and outputs that will result from following the Strategic Energy Plan; and
  4. Compile information obtained from the above and draft a document that best captures the energy vision of the STOI……….