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Spokane Tribe of Indians Fisheries Program Vehicle Maintenance and Repair contract

Click here for entire RFP: RFP for Fisheries Vehicle Repair

The Spokane Tribe of Indians Fisheries Program is seeking bids from qualified vehicle maintenance and repair companies for its fleet of Ford Vehicles for a 3-year maintenance and repair contract with a not to exceed value of $62,000/year.

The successful bidder(s) shall perform routine vehicle maintenance and repair services on fisheries vehicles including light duty trucks, sports utility vehicles, ¾ and 1-ton trucks on an as-needed basis. There are currently 10 vehicles that may be serviced by this contract. A list of vehicles is included as Attachment A.

The Fisheries Program may add vehicles or delete vehicles from its inventory during the term of this agreement at the discretion of the Program. Any vehicles added to the program’s inventory shall be offered the same pricing as in the original bid.

Routine Maintenance

The contractor(s) shall provide bid prices for the following routine maintenance services on the vehicles:

  • Oil change, filter replacement with fluid check and “top off” of all fluids as required (coolant, brake, power steering, wiper fluids etc)
  • Chassis lube service with fluid check
  • Transmission fluid and filter change service
  • Coolant flushes and refills
  • Air conditioning system check up
  • Safety inspection and annual vehicle inspection
  • Tire rotations
  • Winter Tire Mounting and balancing

Non-Routine Repairs

Non-routine repairs are repairs not listed above as “Routine Maintenance.” The Contractor shall provide the Spokane Tribe with the following:

  • A fixed price mechanic’s hourly labor rate
  • Percent (%) mark-up rate on parts
  • Proposed discounts to any rates (parts and labor)
  • Provide prioritized accommodations for non-routine repairs. *It is important that our vehicles are not out of service for more than a few days.

Certification Requirements:

All mechanics are required to hold a Ford Mechanic Certification. Contractor will acknowledge that their mechanics are “Ford Certified.”