Spokane Tribe Governmental Building Shutdown

Spokane Tribe Governmental Staff,

Due to confirmed exposure to COVID-19 within the Administration Building, possible exposure in other frequently utilized facilities, and an increasing number of active cases on the Reservation, we must close down all governmental facilities until such time as a thorough sanitation can take place within them. I advise administrators for other Tribal facilities that I do not oversee to strongly consider closing, as well.

Governmental employees required to continue in-person attendance are Finance, Police, EMS, Park Rangers, and Fire Management (this list is subject to change). Distribution of general welfare payments will proceed on schedule.

This afternoon, I will be meeting with a sanitation company, by which I will develop a contract and schedule to sanitize all Tribal facilities that I oversee (and many that I do not). Once I gain more clarity on scheduling, I will circulate a calendar of building re-opening days. In the interim, I will keep Tribal Council and the Executive Leadership team abreast of the changing situation and scheduling logistics as they develop.

If you are capable of teleworking, please continue to do so. If you are unable to telework, please mark your future timesheets under the COVID Leave line item. You are cleared to vacate your offices as soon as possible. Staff from Indian Health Services will contact individuals whom they feel should be tested. And, of course, if you feel you should be tested contact IHS or your primary health provider for further guidance.

Thank you and take care,


Mike Tedesco
Spokane Tribe Executive Director