Spokane Tribal Re-Opening Update July 17, 2020

Good Morning Tribal Employees,

Contracting for commercial sanitation services is being finalized. The cleaning team intends to begin the process as early as this evening if everything comes to together as expected.

Please do not come into the office Monday but pay close attention to your email or the Rawhide’s facebook page for further opening information. We intend to re-open all facilities at the same time to minimize logistical challenges. Re-opening may take place as early as Tuesday or perhaps as late as Thursday or Friday. More to come on this subject as soon as I know more.

Finally, please to continue to work out in the field or telecommute if you are able. If you are unable to telecommute, you do not have to utilize PTO for the leave but you will have to utilize one of the following three categories on your timesheets, as appropriate (most of you will be item 1):

1) Emergency Leave: for worksite closure up to 2 weeks’ of pay.

2) Sick Leave COVID: up to 2 weeks’ pay for the following situations:
a. Employee is in quarantine,
b. Have COVID symptoms and seeking a medical diagnosis,
c. Care for someone in quarantine,
d. Care for a child whose school or care provider is closed.

3) Sick Leave COVID: up to 4 weeks’ pay if employee is diagnosed as COVID-19 infected (a positive test).

Have a safe weekend. More to come.

Mike Tedesco
Executive Director, Spokane Tribe of Indians