Road Map to Safely Reopening Wellpinit School District

August 6, 2020
Dear Parent/guardians,

Hello! We hope you and your family are doing well and enjoying the summer! It is unlike any summer we’ve had before, but I hope you’ve enjoyed youth employment, camping at the river, backyard BBQs, and the warm weather!

This letter is to connect with you and let you know that our Wellpinit School District will starting the school year in Distance Learning Model. Attached to this letter is an outline of the 5 models of learning for our Wellpinit students this school year. We will start in the Distance Learning Model and move through the models as our department of health and local school board approve. We hope you’ll work with us as partners as we move through models so we can help our students be as successful as possible.

Our staff is committed to connecting with your family to support learning for our students. Distance Learning Model will look different than it did in the Spring of 2020. We will utilize bus routes for delivery/pickup of school work and meals. We will have opportunity to have Parent/Teacher Conferences before starting classes. And, we will be providing students with supplies to support his/her learning environment. While most students will be in distance learning at this time, some students with special circumstances may be coming into school on a limited basis. Staff will be reaching out to you if this pertains to your child. Students may also check out a Chrome Book if there is internet access available to support online learning.

Our school values our community, our parents/guardians that have worked so hard to help students succeed, and the students’ hard work! We want to keep this strong partnership so, in order to support students and families in this learning model, we plan to have parent/student/teacher conferences at the beginning of the school year August 26, 27, & 28th 2020. This will be an opportunity for you to learn about the distance learning model that we will be starting the year with and the different models that may occur this year as health and safety indicators allow. It will also be a time for you to ask questions and learn about the supports in place for students and parents. We will be connecting with you about scheduling this.

Please contact school principals, Laina Phillips ( and/or Kim Ewing ( to discuss any particular needs you have.

Thank you,

Laina Phillips

Kim Ewing

Roadmanp to Safely Reopening School