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Proposals for Youth Employment Leadership Camp EXTENDED

Click here for entire RFP:RFP23-013 477 Leadership Camp EXTENDED

The SPOKANE TRIBE OF INDIANS is requesting proposals from reasonable, responsive, responsible, and qualified firms to provide a summer leadership camp for the Spokane Tribal Youth Employment participants. The purpose of this contract is to supplement Tribal resources to complete multiple projects. All projects will be subject to applicable tribal, federal, contract, or grant rules and regulations.

Scope of Work

(May include, but is not limited to the following)

  • Provide the location for a 1-week Leadership Camp for up to 125 youth (between the ages of 16-19) and approximately 20 adults (staff/teachers).
    • Leadership Camp will be from August 13 – August 18, 2023 (travel Sunday 8/13 and Friday)
    • Location will include
      • Room and Board
        • Must include: all meals
      • Class and activity rooms
        • Rooms for classes/workshops/meetings (specific needs will be determined at the point of planning)
        • Activity rooms for group activities, recreation activities, free time activities, etc.
      • Provide the participants an opportunity to experience college life.
      • Provide participants with an opportunity to gain knowledge of career opportunity curriculum
        • Offer classes that will give the youth the opportunity to gain hands on experience in a field that could stimulate further exploration into a future career (i.e. medical, political, legal, and business, robotics, etc.)-Career Exploration in a variety of fields.
        • Bidder will need to provide an example of the courses they are able to incorporate, final courses offered will be determined during final planning.
      • Provide 24 hr. staffing and supervision for participants. Daytime, evening, and nights. Supervision to include overseeing youth while they are in their dorm rooms as well as hallways of dorms during the entirety of the stay.
        • Must clear a federal background check
        • Must be willing to mentor youth in a positive way
        • Able to support various backgrounds, religions, traditions, beliefs, etc. in a positive way

Proposal Elements

Proposals must (1) demonstrate an understanding of the project, (2) describe your approach, and (3) provide a statement of cost according to a fee-for-service type use. (4) Provide a rough itinerary of the week’s events.

The purpose of the proposal is to demonstrate the qualifications, competence and capacity of the vendors seeking to provide the SPOKANE TRIBE OF INDIANS services. The substance of the proposal will carry more weight than their form or manner of presentation.  A proposal should demonstrate the qualifications of the vendor and of the particular staff to be assigned to this engagement.