Pink Shawl Pow-wow Cancellation

Our team here at HHS who put on the event of PINK SHAWL have been discussing this event. Sadly, we are not hosting the powwow this year and we are not doing shawls, but are planning to come back in 2021. In the past when we did shawls, a lot of them were brought to people’s homes to create the shawl or finish. We do not want to put anyone at risk and want to protect our people.

BUT, ……..
We are trying to coordinate an event that can still honor those who are battling cancer, our survivors, and those we have lost. We are mapping out how to social distance this small event.
Thank you to everyone who has reached out to make a shawl this year and those who always make them. You are all appreciated! We will be honoring our people a little differently this year, and hope to return to the SHAWL in 2021.

Thank you
Krista Colvin