Thank you Alex for agreeing to my ideas…we talk about voting deadlines.

Bre Brigman

I wanted to let you know why it matters to me. Yes, I wanted to get a wide variety of speakers and people to share their stories and their opinions so I thought it was fair for me to share how I felt. I get a little emotional, but it’s because I truly feel that voting is a privilege we take for granted. I hope you listen.


Andy Matherly

Andy talks about why voting is important to him, from tribal to general election.

Conversations with Cipi

We talk about Native Stereotypes and Voting for our Native Candidates

Margo Hill

This is the second video with Margo Hill, she talks about getting fired up to vote and Native Candidates we should support

James Best

James talks briefly on the history of voting and why we should vote

Cipi Seyler

Cipi and I talk about voting and why it should be important to the younger generations. Our convo is broke up in a couple parts

Aly Peone

Aly talks about why voting is important to her, and the benefits that come with being a registered voter

Bear Hughes

Bear talks about why voting is important to him, and what electoral colleges are


Where Can I Mail My Ballot?