Suicide Prevention Lifeline Information

Attention Spokane Reservation Community Members:

We will be ordering some yard signs to put up in our community. Would you be interested in posting one in your yard? Please comment below or text Penny at 509-714-1055.

If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts please talk to someone. Silence isn’t strength. Don’t keep suicidal feelings to yourself. Lean on your support network, find a therapist or a support group or get in touch with the Lifeline.


Spokane Tribal Buildings Re-Open

All Spokane Tribal Buildings will be re-open Thursday July 23, 2020. Please report to work as normal.

During the closure, all Tribal buildings have been sanitized with fogging and housekeeping has also performed increased cleaning and sanitation in several buildings. Our local Public Health Department representative has expressed her appreciation of the Tribes response to combating the Coronavirus. Our increased efforts of wearing masks, increased cleaning and sanitation, installing Plexiglas, limiting and screening visitors inside facilities, washing hands and using hand sanitizer and social distancing has provided increased safety and has minimized our exposure to our employees and community members. Please continue to be diligent in all of these safety precautions so we all stay well and Thank you all for practicing all the safety measures the Tribe has put into place.

Moccasin Express to Resume Thursday July 23, 2020

The Moccasin Express will resume normal operating hours effective Thursday July 23rd. All Tribal buildings as well as the Moccasin Express building and buses have been sanitized.

We ask that you still practice safe social distancing. Masks are mandatory on the Moccasin Express buses at all time.
Please be diligent and wear yours.

Robin Kieffer, Transit Manager
The Moccasin Express
Spokane Tribe of Indians

Spokane Tribal Offices Sanitation Schedule

To All Spokane Tribal Employees:

Sanitizing Tribal facilities is moving along well. Please anticipate a return to work this Thursday, 07/21/2020, unless you work within one of the few buildings on the list that will not be sanitized until Thursday. Supervisors will communicate closely with employees within the final facilities as scheduling becomes more clear.

Completed facilities:
• Administration
• Wellpinit ELC
• Longhouse
• Senior Center
• Public Safety Building
• Forestry
• PowWow Pavilion
• Preservation
• West End Community Center

Today (Tuesday)
• Gaming Commission – 11:ish
• Fish Hatchery Shop – 12:ish
• Indiana Building – 1:30ish
• TANF – 3:30ish

• Roads – 9:AM
• Language – 10:ish
• Head Start – 11:ish
• Court – Noonish
• VFW – 1:ish
• DV/Prosecutor – 2:ish
• Boys and Girls Club – 3:ish
• Housing – 4:30ish
• Trading Post / Commods – 7:30ish
• DNR – Floating
• Moccasin Express – Floating
• Immersion School — Floating

• Fish Hatchery – 8:AM
• Ford Youth Center – 10:ish
• Finish the floaters from the day before – TBD

Mike Tedesco
Executive Director | Spokane Tribe of Indians

Free Produce Spokane TANF

Produce give-away will be this Wednesday 7/22/2020
We will be distributing in Spokane at the TANF building on Lyons from 9-1. The following week(7/29/20) we will be in Wellpinit. Spread the word
Any questions you can call

Meeting on Minor’s Trust Accounts

Meeting on Minor’s Trust Accounts

Thursday, July 30, 2020 @ 10 a.m.
The phone number for calling in is 1 (914) 614-3221 and the audio access code is 118-584-015. When you call in you can listen in, but cannot be heard.
The registration link is:

Enrollment Officer
Spokane Tribe
PO Box 100
Wellpinit WA 99040
509.458.6523 Office
509.458.6575 fax

Spokane Indian Reservation COVID-19 Numbers as of July 20 ,2020

Testing Numbers
i. Total SIR Residents Tested- 444
439- Tested at the David C. Wynecoop Clinic (IHS)
5- Tested at Other Locations
ii. Positive Tests- 9
7 Positive Test at David C Wynecoop Clinic (IHS) (3 have recovered)
2 Positive Test at other location ( 2 have recovered)
iii. Negative Tests- 409
406 Negative Tests at David C Wynecoop Clinic (IHS)
3 Negative Test at other locations
iv. Tests Pending Results- 26