Counterfeit Money in the Area

Spokane Tribal Police have once again encountered Fake Money being used in our area. These cases are difficult as these types of bills are marked, in most cases, as being non-negotiable currency. As in this example it is in Chinese on the back left of the bill. The last episode we had like this the bill were marked “Motion Picture Money.” The US Secret Service is the primary agency for the investigation and prosecution of these types of crimes. They however are highly unlikely to take cases like these as they are so small and isolated. Sgt. Ted Wynecoop is our Secret Service liaison for the department. He collects these bills and takes them into the Secret Service as needed.

The Spokane Tribal Police Department does actively investigate cases like this when we have information to go on. If the suspect is Native American then we will file charges for fraud in our court. If the offender is Non-Indian then we have to refer to the State. I would remind everyone that the sense we get from the courts is that these types of cases fall on the responsibility of the business to ensure their employees do not take these types of currency in at all. In light of this we will try to set up another training sometime after the COVID crisis will allow. I would also encourage maximum attendance. Sgt. Wynecoop will coordinate this training when it is allowed.

In the meantime I highly recommend that all of our business get bill scanners or security devices to help prevent these occurrences. Our Casinos have this technology and I would encourage you to reach out to Andy Matherly with questions on this as TGA is likely the best expert on this technology we have. I would also encourage you to speak with your staff again and let them know that these bills are popping up again and to be wary. If they think a bill is fake or it does not look right don’t accept it. Or, at a minimum, look to a supervisor for guidance. Don’t be afraid to ask a person with a funny bill for ID or ask them a question about the bill. This will also encourage cashiers to take greater responsibility in their positions. They might get offended but we will be protecting the interests of the Tribe. In the majority of these cases the Tribal Business must just absorb the loss. If any of you have further questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
Thank you ALL and please be aware!

“I recently took a fraud case from Spoko Fuel station in Chewelah. A clerk received and accepted a counterfeit $100. I was advised by a clerk, these bills can be purchased from “”. I did some research and found that you can purchase “prop” money for $3 for 300 $100 bills. The only difference in the bills is Asian writing on the backside of the bill. The paper does not feel real nor does it have the other security features such as the watermark of Ben Franklin and a shifting bell, the security ribbon is not 3D. It also appears there are some versions that do not have Asian symbols.” Officer David Minshall 529
Spokane Tribal Police
509-258-4569 (Dispatch)

Thank you,
Jesse R. Moss II
Chief of Police
Spokane Tribal Police Department
Spokane Tribe of Indians
phone: 509-258-4569
Fax: 509-625-3545

Wellpinit Landfill Announcement

Starting on May 21st, 2020, the Wellpinit Landfill will only serve Spokane Tribal members, Spokane Indian Reservation residents, and Spokane Tribal members that live out side the reservation. If you do not meet these criteria, then you are not allow to dump in the landfill. This policy will be strictly enforced.

State ID (driver’s license) with a Reservation address or Tribal ID is required for access to the dump. West-End Transfer Station will remain closed for the time being.
If you have any questions please call the Utilities Office at 509-458-6510

Thank You,
Jay Brown
Utilities Manager

Unemployment Fraud Warning

Unemployment Fraud Warning

With COVID-19 creating so many layoffs and unemployment claims rising, so do reports of thieves taking advantage of people and their situations. There are reports coming in about people filing fraudulent unemployment claims in other people’s names. If you have received a communication from your state unemployment office referencing a claim or claim number you didn’t file see the steps below you can take to safe guard yourself and mitigate the situation.

  • Contact your employer’s HR Department
  • Contact Washington State Employment Security Department to report the fraud.
  • Report the fraudulent activity to the three Major Credit Bureaus
  • File a fraud report with the Federal Trade Commission
  • Keep notes so you have a paper trail you can reference
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RFP – 20200515 STOI Construction Agreement Communications Towers


Spokane Tribe of Indians
6195 Ford-Wellpinit Road
Spokane, WA 99040
Facsimile: (509) 458-6553
Attn: Chairperson
Attn: General Counsel

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RFP20-007 – Spokane Tribe Telecommunications Infrastructure Project

Contact: Nathan Ayala
Phone: (509)458-6550

Opening Date: 5/19/20
Closing Date: 6/2/20 2:00 p.m.

Return Location: Spokane Tribe Purchasing/Property Department

Delivery Address:

Spokane Tribe of Indians
6195 Ford/Wellpinit Road
PO Box 100
Wellpinit WA, 99040


Spokane Tribe Casino & Chewelah Casino Open for Business


Your safety is the top priority at the Spokane Tribe Casino and Chewelah Casino

      Wellpinit, WA – The Spokane Tribal Business Council met with Dr. Bob Lutz to discuss, share dialogue, including coordination around re-opening plans and to hear his medical advice around all things COVID-19.

Dr. Lutz is an appointed citizen representative to the Spokane Regional Board of Health. Appointed in 2008, he is currently a member of the Executive, Education, Policy and Governance Committees. He works with a team of professionals including six epidemiologists and visited the Spokane Tribe Casino to offer expert advice in regards to reopening the casinos.

The decisions made by our leadership were done with the community in mind. All of the employees and administration worked diligently to ensure that the experience when visiting the casinos are not only the safest around, but also provide excellent entertainment! Their goal was and continues to be to create an atmosphere that people will want to visit over and over again.

Some of the changes are as follows:

Spokane Tribe Casino:

Open daily from 8AM until 3AM. Every night they close to deep clean our property and sanitize.


  • Plexiglass dividers between slot machines have been installed to encourage social distancing.
  • Temperatures will be checked when entering the property; the use of masks while on property is highly recommended. Masks are not required, but will be provided to guests who request them.
  • More space has been added between slot machines.
  • The 100% outside air state-of-art air filtration system, has prompted us to allow smoking on the casino floor after all!

Table games will be temporarily closed.  The restaurant Three Peaks will be offering a limited menu.  There is also the option to dine in or order to-go.  Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 11AM-9PM, Friday and Saturday: 11AM-10PM

Chewelah Casino:

Operating hours: Sunday – Thursday 8AM to 12AM, Friday and Saturday 8AM to 2AM. Table games closed until further notice.

Deep cleaning is complete; employees will be wearing face masks for their protection and the customers. The biggest change is reopening as a non-smoking facility. The decision to do this to help keep the air clean and safe. There is a designated smoking area outside of the casino.

The dining room is open with tables spread out for safe social distancing when eating.  For those who do not wish to dine-in, there is the option for curbside delivery with a d designated pick-up area that will be clearly marked (card only).


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Washington State Emergency Operations Center Update

Below is the daily update for the Spokane Tribe of Indians as of May 14, 2020:
1. Effective Strategies and Successes
a. Hazard Mitigation Plan completion
b. Established Emergency Management Team
c. Collaboration with School District, BIA, SIHA and IHS
d. IHS Clinic Received their testing analyzer.
e. Community members have been helping coordinate PPE
through non-profit organizations.
f. Tribal Closure extended until May 31, 2020 with modified
g. Tribal Leadership creating Tribal Reopening Plan.
h. Tribal leadership met with epidemiologist from
County/State Health Department for guidance on
reopening plan.
i. Clinic will be conducting drive-through screenings every
Thursday from 10:00-12:00PM.
j. Clinic continues to ramp up telemedicine/telehealth visits
and they are going well. All providers have virtual visit
appointments built into their schedules.
k. Clinic continues to have well elder and chronic care
management appointments Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30-11:00AM.
2. Emergency Declaration date- March 16, 2020
3. Number of testing sites and testing numbers
a. One testing site- David C. Wynecoop Memorial Clinic
(IHS), Wellpinit WA
b. Testing Numbers
i. Total SIR Residents Tested- 44
1. 39- Tested at the David C. Wynecoop Clinic (IHS)
2. 5- Tested at Other Locations
ii. Positive Tests- 2
1. 0 Positive Test at David C Wynecoop Clinic (IHS)
2. 2 Positive Test at other location
iii. Negative Tests- 42
1. 39 Negative Tests at David C Wynecoop Clinic (IHS)
2. 3 Negative Test at other locations
iv. Tests Pending Results- 0
4. Risks and challenges
a. PPE Status- Critical (Limited PPE)- Stopped weekly requests to SEOC and are establishing long-term supply chain for future operations
b. Daily briefs with Tribal leadership and Emergency Management staff
c. Monitoring PPE levels for first responders and front-line essential personnel
d. Evaluating sustainability of long-term shutdown
e. Coordinating with WA State as Sub Recipient- Tribal Council approved WA State Sub Recipient Declaration on March 26, 2020. Coordinating with WA State on Sub Recipient requirements
f. Enforcement of closures
i. Tribe closure date with essential personnel reporting extended through May 31, 2020
ii. Tribal Enterprises following state guidelines
iii. Reservation Campgrounds & Playgrounds closed to non-tribal members on until further notice
iv. Additional closures of public fishing areas with Little falls area and 2 Rivers Marian dock open to public
v. Tribe has suspended Transit services due to Stay at Home order
g. Concerns as we enter fire season.
5. Future operational plans
a. Continued evaluation of Tribal Needs
b. State and reginal coordination
c. FEMA coordination
d. Coordinating with WA State as Sub Recipient status Spokane Tribe establishing EOC and coordinating daily with Stevens County EOC
e. On April 1, 2020 Tribal Council passed Resolution 020-166 Establishing Social Distancing Requirements, Banning Social Gatherings, and Establishing Related Penalties due to COVID19 and Ongoing State of Emergency. Future resolutions will modify closure criteria
f. Updating Stay at Home Resolution Signage at all Reservation Entrances
If you have any questions regarding this report, please contact Frank Metlow at the information provided below.
Thank You,
Frank Metlow
Planning & Economic Development Department
Spokane Tribe of Indians
Member, Tri-county Economic Development District Board of Directors
Member, Western Rural Development Center Board of Directors
Phone: (509) 458-6592
Cell: Phone: (360) 632-6613
Fax: (509) 458-6559
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Spokane Tribe Casino Open For Business

Your safety the top priority at the Spokane Tribe Casino, so you will notice a few changes.
All decisions made by our leadership were done with you in mind. The goal is to provide the safest way for you to enjoy your experience at the STOI Casino.
Some of the changes are as follows:
Open daily from 8AM until 3AM. Every night they close to deep clean our property and sanitize.
> Plexiglass dividers between slot machines have been installed to encourage social distancing.
> Temperatures will be checked when entering the property.
The use of masks while on property is highly recommended. Masks are not required, but will be provided to guests who request them.
Table games will be temporarily closed.
Chewelah casino logo

Chewelah Casino to Reopen Monday, May 18, 2020

Hello everyone, we hope this post finds you healthy, safe, and well. As we’ve mentioned, our team has been working and planning to reopen the casino in a safe manner. Deep cleaning is complete, our team is trained on our new normal of wearing face masks for their protection and yours. We also have met about social distancing practices and keeping our air clean while we get through this together. As we soon welcome you back, please embrace our new normal with us.
What is our new normal? The biggest change is reopening as a non-smoking facility. We decided to do this to help keep the air clean and safe. We will offer a smoking area outside of the casino.
We will open our dining room; however, we have spread our tables out for safe social distancing while you dine. Space is limited. Taking into consideration those who do not choose to dine-in; we will offer curbside delivery and will have a designated pick-up area that will be clearly marked (card only). We’ll have more information on this very soon.
It was a hard decision we had to make, but we have decided to close table games until further notice.
When you come to visit us, please keep in mind that we’ve designated an entrance and an exit. We also highly encourage you to wear a face mask when you visit.

We’ve adjusted our operating hours: Sunday – Thursday 8AM to midnight and Friday and Saturday 8AM to 2AM.
Finally, we have decided to reopen Monday, May 18, 2020 at 8AM.
Please continue to be safe. We’re All In This Together!

Attention Spokane Tribal Member High School Seniors

I’m reaching out on behalf of the Spokane Tribal Council to ask if there are any enrolled Spokane Tribal members on track to graduate high school for 2020.
The Spokane Tribe would like to recognize these students and their efforts in this unprecedented time.
Please if you are an enrolled Spokane Tribal student on track to graduate, contact me by email: or by my office phone (509)458-6513.
I will need your enrollment number, best way to contact you, and your High School.
CONGRATULATIONS! We are all very proud of you and your achievements. this is just the beginning, it only gets better, I promise!
Bre Brigman
Legislative Administrative Assistant
Records Manager to Tribal Council
Spokane Tribe of Indians