Moccasin Express Open Again For Service

Great News.
The Moccasin Express bus route, vanpool and paratransit service will resume Feb 18th at normal operating hours.

Per COVID guidelines established by the STOI we can only allow 6 passengers per bus, unless passengers are household members. Each seating row will only hold one passenger, again unless you are members of the same household.

All passengers, bus, paratransit and van pool will be screened for COVID symptoms such as fever, cough and no contact with an infected person before they are allowed to board the bus.

Students must ride the school bus during normal operating hours. Students can ride The Moccasin Express to/from after school activities or when school buses are not operating.

Passengers and transit drivers are required to wear masks at all times.

The Moccasin Express Passenger Requirements beginning Feb. 18th 2021

Masks are mandatorily required to be worn at all times while in the vehicles by both the riders and the drivers.
Masks are to be in place by riders and drivers before entering any of the vehicles.
Masks are also required to be on both drivers and passengers anytime they are engaging with others outside of the vehicles in which the 6 foot Social Distancing Standard cannot be followed.
Masks are to be worn properly, per CDC guidelines, by covering both the nose and the mouth at all times by both the riders and the drivers while in the vehicles and/ or while engaging with others outside of the vehicles.
If any rider fails to keep their mask properly in place, they will need to be asked to do so. If they still fail to comply with this mandate after being asked, they will be asked to depart from the bus as soon as safely possible. They could also loose ridership privileges.
The exception to the facemask ruling being made for those who fall under the CDC Exemptions list. (See Attachment #2, page 2)

Passengers will be required to provide first and last names as well as phone number or mailing address or place of residency. If a rider refuses to provide this information, or if the information is found to be false, they will not be allowed to ride the buses.

Ridership will be limited to no more than 6 riders. In order to comply with the Social Distancing requirements, there will be allowed only 1 rider per set of seats. The only exception to this rule will be if they are members of the same household, then there can be 2 in the set of seats. This also means that we will not be able to accommodate any group of more than 3 from any 1 household.
School children who have access to the Wellpinit School district bus transportation will be required to utilize the Wellpinit School District bus system and will no longer be allowed to ride the Moccasin Express to and from the schools.
The exceptions to this rule will be those students whose school schedules do not corollate with the Wellpinit School District busing schedule, (I/e alternative school students, and those who are participating in after school sports.)
Priority in available seating on the buses will still be given to essential personnel and Elders.

This is just an overview of ridership rules. Complete rules/requirements for passengers can be found on the buses or at The Moccasin Express offices.