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Investment Management Services

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The SPOKANE TRIBE OF INDIANS (“Tribe” or “STOI” ) is issuing this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) seeking proposals from responsive, responsible, and qualified investment management firm(s) ( vendors, consultants, or firm) to provide professional investment services

The selected firm is to coordinate and present varying investment options for the tribal organization.  The investments need to be low risk with highest rate of return.  The firm will be responsible for monitoring and managing the tribe’s investment accounts. The firm will also be responsible for working with a tribal team to develop an investment policy.




The Spokane Tribe of Indians is a federally recognized tribe and the Spokane Reservation was established in 1881 by Executive Order. The tribe currently has approximately 2900 members.    The tribe has a minor’s trust investment account and money market deposit accounts.  The tribe also offers a 401k plan but this scope does not include the 401k plan.  Currently, we have minimal investments and this is a purpose of the proposal to review new investments to maximize our return while limiting our risk. The scope of work also includes developing and writing an investment policy.


Interested firms will need to provide the following information:

  1. Background Information
    1. Cover Letter:
  2. The company’s legal name and contact information
  3. An overview of the company’s qualifications and experience relevant to the scope of work defined herein.

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