Hoopfest Registration Opportunity

HHS is excited to announce we have another opportunity regarding hoopfest registration!

So here’s what HHS has going on, Better Health Together is one of the organizations we collaborated with yesterday to make that event happen. Today they notified us they would have 10 vouchers for youth to register for the virtual hoopfest event free of charge! All youth who apply will be put into a random drawing to receive one of these 10 vouchers. To register you would need to apply with the players full name and contact phone number to Derrick Singleton at derrick.singleton@spokanetribe.com

Requirements to apply:
-MUST be 17 years old or younger (no younger than 8)
-Must send your full name and contact phone number for yourself or parent/guardian to the email listed above so we can contact you if selected.
-You must have an Apple product (Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, ETC.) – this is because hoopfest developed the app they’re using for the virtual event through a program only available on Apple products. ** if you do not have an apple product you may still apply and it is possible that we may be able to help you around that obstacle, this is not guaranteed.
-MUST send your Info to Derrick Singleton BEFORE 8pm on Monday, August 17.