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Grant Writer Services RFP21-009

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 The selected proposer will be responsible for providing the following services to the Tribe: for the ARP Act of 2021 and other grant opportunities as the arise.

  1. Funding Needs & Analysis – Work with tribal staff to facilitate meeting with tribal departments to assess current funding areas, identify areas for growth, and identify new areas for possible funding.
  2. Grant writing & Research – Conduct research to identify grant resources including, but not limited to; federal, state, local, foundation agencies and organizations that support the Tribe’s funding needs and priorities: (emphasizing grant which require minimal/reasonable or no “matching” funds)
    1. Community and economic Development
    2. Rural Development
    3. Infrastructure development and maintenance
    4. Public Safety
    5. Workforce Development
    6. Senior, family, and youth development
    7. Energy efficiency and sustainability

In addition to the areas identified above other areas may also be identified through the funding needs analysis process and throughout the duration of the contract. The Scope of work may also include researching grant opportunities identified by the Tribe.

  1. Grant Proposal Development – Provide general grant proposal writing services associated with the completion of grant applications on behalf of the Tribe, including the preparation of funding abstracts and production, and submittal of applications to funding sources. A copy of each grant application package submitted for funding, in its entirety, shall be provided to the Tribe.
  2. Weekly Reports – The selected proposer shall submit weekly reports to the Tribe summarizing the amount of time expended, describe all activities undertaken during the previous week, and status of those activities ( the Tribe will provide a progress report sheet for the proposer to use).