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VACANCY ANN.#:       STOI-20-063

TITLE:                              EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN

                                            (A or B Level)



LOCATION:                   WELLPINIT, WA

STATUS:                         FULL-TIME, NON-EXEMPT

RATE OF PAY:             $14.50 – $16.00/PER HOUR (DOE/DOQ)

OPENING DATE:        AUGUST 26, 2020




The employee will respond to all medical emergencies and structure fires on the Spokane Indian Reservation while on shift and administer treatment and transport of all patients in accordance with department policy. Employees are scheduled for 48 hours straight shifts per week and are required to remain at the station, unless on a call, during these times. There are sleeping quarters provided in the station, Public Safety Building.


  • Operate with other EMS staff in a group setting while responding to emergencies.
  • Report for duty to designated station and remain at the station for the duration of the shift.
  • Provide emergency medical care to all sick and/or injured patients within the boundaries of the reservation, including transport to local medical facilities in accordance with department policy and certification level.
  • Operations of specialty vehicles and emergent response in these vehicles including operation of emergency lights and sirens within the prescribed Policy and Procedures.
  • Use of extrication equipment for the removal of patients from accident scenes.
  • Respond and assist to all structure fires on the reservation.
  • Effective radio communications with local dispatching agency as well as communications with area hospitals using the appropriate two-way radio system or through direct communications via, telephone.
  • Effective communication, both written and verbal with area hospitals to ensure proper information is passed along to the receiving facility.
  • General maintenance and restocking of all vehicles and medical supplies carried on vehicles. This includes proper cleaning and disinfecting of all medical equipment and vehicles.
  • Station duties including the general cleaning and upkeep of the Public Safety building to ensure building is safe and presentable to the public.
  • Ensure that all vehicles utilized by the Department are properly stocked with supplies and equipment that may be needed at any given call.
  • Wear Department uniform while on duty and maintain a professional appearance.
  • Special Personal Protective Equipment that protects the employee shall be work whenever in a situation which is heightened for transmission of a communicable disease, this may include but not limited to Face Mask, Gloves, Face Shield, Cap, Protective Gown, etc. as the situation may dictate.
  • Must ensure mandatory training is obtained by the EMT to maintain certification.
  • Available for coverage of open shifts, as needed, as well as special event coverage.
  • Other job-related duties as assigned.


  • Must be able to perform extended shift work.
  • Physical strength and agility needed to perform duties as assigned. This requires lifting at least 80 pounds.
  • Must be in good mental and physical health.
  • Must follow STRICT confidentiality of all patient information in compliance with HIPAA regulations.
  • Ability to work in occasional severe conditions, including severe weather, or sitting, standing, squatting for extended lengths of time.
  • Must submit to all pre-employment examinations and tests in accordance with Tribal policy.


  • Must possess a high school diploma or GED.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Ability to pass a tribal and/or federal background check.
  • Must have and maintain a valid Washington State Driver’s License, with a good driving record and insurable under the Spokane Tribe’s insurance policy.
  • Must be willing and able to work irregular hours, and in inclement conditions for extended periods of time.


  • Valid Washington State EMT certification.
  • Valid Provider CPR certification.


  • Six months field experience preferred.
  • Firefighter I, or Fire Training preferred, but not required.
  • Experience in use of various Extrication Equipment devices is preferred.



Applications Are Available In The Spokane Tribal Human Resources Department, or can be downloaded at:


Contact Sabrina McCoy or Andrea Flett

P.O. Box 206, Wellpinit, WA 99040

(509) 458-6583, 458-6527, Fax: (509) 458-6556

E-mail: hrfrontdesk@spokanetribe.com

Applications Must Be Received In The Human Resources Department No Later Than 4:30 p.m. On The Closing Date

The Spokane Tribe Reserves The Right To Hire According To Its

Indian Preference Policy

All Applicants Are Subject To A Pre-Employment Drug Test

All Positions With The Spokane Tribe Are Subject To A 90-Day Orientation Period