Early Learning Child Center Announcement 11/16/2020

x̣est sx̣l̓x̣al̓t pecyáʔ

I would like to provide a child care update in regard to the recent increase in Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases across the state.

As you may know, there are currently two licensed child care facilities operated by the Tribe. The Pauline Stearns Early Learning Center located in Wellpinit and the TANF Children’s Center located at our 477 East Lyons property in Spokane.

Due to recent COVID-19 activity, we have been experiencing a high number of staff quarantines. We may have to delay opening times and/or notify families of a last minute closure during drop off—unable to provide advanced notice of classroom/program closures. There may be times we are required to close classrooms or the entire facility with little to no notice if an employee is notified of possible exposure during operational hours. This is to ensure the safety of all children in our care. We have a requirement to maintain adequate staff-to-child ratios and when we are unable to meet these due to staffing issues, we will have no choice but to reduce services.

We understand this may be an inconvenience to all parents we provide care for and apologize in advance. We will do our best to notify all families of necessary closures as early as possible. Additionally, we continue to maintain COVID-19 entry and exit protocols for all children. Should a situation arise, families will be notified of possible exposure following the Tribal Contact Tracing Protocols.

Furthermore, as we anticipate a possible reduction in Tribal operations; please be advised we may potentially move into a reduced phase of services. This will be similar to our reduction in services earlier this year.

I thank you for your time and understanding. If you have any questions in regards to these matters, please feel free to contact your child’s Early Learning Center Program Manager directly.


Tara L. Evans
Child Development Manager

T (509)458-8014
F (509)458-8017