COVID-19 Stimulus Money Update

Fellow Spokane Tribal Citizens,

On behalf of Spokane Tribal Business Council, I would like to provide you with an update on how we intend to utilize federal COVID-19 related stimulus money the Tribe has received in recent weeks Since the pandemic set in, Tribal Business Council and staff have worked hard to maintain and even increase services we provide to membership. Thankfully, we managed to avoid layoffs and furloughs during this difficult time and Tribal Business Council continues to pursue opportunities that will benefit all Tribal citizens.

In the spirit of transparency, I want to share with you our list of COVID-19 related funding priorities that Tribal Business Council approved this week. Although there is a degree of flexibility with COVID-19 related funding, there are also many restrictions. I feel that Tribal Business Council and staff have done an excellent job at being creative with how to apply the funding but also protecting the Tribe from auditing risks once the money is spent. For instance, we intend to provide food security payments to Tribal Elders, construct infrastructure that provides broadband internet service, and enhance drug abuse treatment services to Tribal members.

Finally, Tribal Business Council intends for our priority list to grow as staff conducts diligence around numerous items that are currently not reflected on the list. We look forward to updating you as the priority list evolves with our changing needs.

Tribal Council’s door is always open. We welcome your thoughts and feedback as we manage our way through these unprecedented times. We are a resilient Tribe and we survived many difficult times by banding together and protecting each other. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and consideration.

Please click here to view the PDF file showing the list