COVID-19 Assistance Distribution Information

To download the COVID-19 Act Assistance Instruction Form CLICK HERE

To download the COVID-19 Act Assistance Application Form CLICK HERE

For those without printers or access to printers a hard copy of the application and instructions are being mailed out as well.


COVID-19 Assistance Application Form

The Spokane Tribe has developed the COVID-19 Assistance Program to provide emergency economic assistance to enrolled Tribal members who have experienced financial hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic, utilizing CARES Act funding from the federal government, and also meet the tax-exempt Tribal General Welfare Exclusion Act requirements. Combined, these federal regulations and funding require an assessment of general welfare need of individual members, and this application and the Tribal member certification to document your need. Below are some general instructions for completing your application.

  1. Fill out the application for all enrolled Spokane tribal members in your household, as well as individuals who are eligible for enrollment as of June 30, 2020, were alive as of June 30, 2020, and who will be enrolled by August 31, 2020, (“Eligible Tribal Member Children”). The Tribe will make payments to each adult, and as applicable, one adult in the household will receive a payment that includes the tribal member children, as has been the case for other tribal
  2. If you do not have any enrolled or eligible tribal member children, and you are a single, tribal member adult, fill out the application for yourself and leave the rest
  3. If you are a non-member that has legal custody or guardianship of enrolled or eligible tribal member children, please fill out the Head of Household information, and leave the Tribal Enrollment Number blank. If the Tribe already has records of your legal custody or guardianship records, you do not need to submit them again with this
  4. In Part 2, please check any and all boxes that you have or are experiencing, and if you have a financial hardship not listed, please include in the “Other unanticipated costs due to COVID- 19” and provide a brief description.
  5. Your certification is critical to your eligibility and tax-exemption, therefore ensure you are able to verify your circumstances and data should the federal government and/or IRS request additional information.
  6. The form is a fillable PDF form, you may download the application from the Spokane Tribe’s website at must sign the application. Completed applications can be sent by email to:, or by U.S. Mail, addressed to Spokane Tribe Enrollment Office, PO Box 100, Wellpinit, WA 99040, or dropped off in the drop off box at McCoy Admin Building, Wellpinit,
  7. The Tribe will verify tribal member enrollment and that there are needs identified in Part 2 for approval of the COVID-19 Member Assistance to be
  8. Should you have the circumstance that you were not eligible for this assistance it is not needed, please return the funds by September 30, 2020, by emailing a check or money order to: Spokane Tribe of Indians, PO Box 100, Wellpinit, WA


For applications received by July 22, 2020 checks will be distributed by U.S. Mail on or about July 23, 2020. For applications received after July 22, 2020 through August 31, 2020, checks will be distributed daily by U.S. Mail. Checks will be mailed to the address listed on your application.

Applications received or postmarked after midnight August 31, 2020 will NOT be processed.