Council Update 12.10.2020

Council Updates

Spokane Tribal Secretary Elect Tiger Peone – łip̓smyéw

Office-509.458.6511   Cell-509.994.6960



x̣est sx̣l̓x̣al̓t pecyáʔ



Good Day Fellow Spokane Tribal Members,


Below are updates, listed by Department.


Spokane Tribal Business Council


  • TBC would like to introduce Michael Sebastian as the Interim Chief of Police for the Spokane Tribe. Below is his bio, in his own words.

My name is Michael Sebastian. My snxʷmeneʔ name is kʷiti spʔus.

My parents are Genevieve Sebastian and the late Robert Trottier

My maternal grandparents are Charles Sebastian and Nelly Sebastian (Thatcher).

My paternal grandparents are Lloyd Trottier and Christina Trottier (Weeds)

I am an enrolled member of the Spokane Tribe.


I was born in Spokane and raised on the Spokane Indian Reservation growing up in Martha Boardman. I attended Wellpinit High School but graduated from Mary Walker High School in Springdale, WA in 1989.


After high school I enlisted in the U.S. Navy, where I served for four years. I again enlisted into the Army, where I spent an additional eighteen and a half years and retired as a Master Sergeant. I served three combat tours in Iraq, along with many other operational deployments.


Upon my retirement from military service, I was able to fulfill a long-time goal of serving as a Law Enforcement Officer. I consider it a privilege to serve the Tribe as a Law Enforcement Officer. I’ve served in that capacity since 2016, both as a Lead Dispatcher and as a Police Officer.


Contact information is



  • As discussed in the Fall Tribal General Council meeting, The Spokane Tribe of Indians will not be paying out a December 2020 per capita payment to the membership.  The Tribe relies on timber revenues to fund most of the per capita payments.  Due to COVID-19, tribal timber revenues were down about 70% from FY 2019 to FY 2020.


Spokane Tribal Planning Update 


  • Emergency Residential Internet

We received a new shipment of 25 jet packs. To date the Planning department has served 150+ households on and off Reservation.

For questions, please contact

Maria Cullooyah, Planning Department

Office (509) 458-6548

Cell (509) 993-6679


  • Broadband Towers

3 of the 4 Broadband towers have been fully assembled and erected. The timeline of the project is on track for December completion.

For questions, please contact

Frank Metlow, Planning & Economic Development Director

Office (509) 458-6592

Cell (360) 632-6613



        Health & Humans Services, HHS


Health Systems and Programs have been challenged by the overwhelming demands of the COVID-19 Pandemic. During these challenging times, the Tribe’s Health & Human Services Programs continue to operate and provide services to the Tribe and Community.


In order to ensure the safety of clients, consumers, as well as staff it has been necessary to have modifications on how HHS delivers services. With that, all HHS Programs continue to deliver full services.


Modifications Include:


  • Screening for Covid-19 symptoms upon entry of the HHS
  • PPE; Masks, sanitizing products, gloves are available upon entry of the HHS
  • HHS building space has been modified to ensure safe distancing occurs between clients, consumers and
  • Tele-health and distance appointments/sessions can occur if all parties have the ability/equipment to meet in this
  • If Tele-health is not an option; HHS provides adequate and safe space for the continuity of all client/consumer


As we continue to forge forward during this pandemic, HHS believes in making every attempt to bring and offer Health & Wellness information and opportunities. HHS continues to offer distance Health & Wellness, Cultural/ Traditional Education, Awareness, Outreach, events and activities.


Please follow the HHS Spokane Tribe Prevention Page for new prevention information and activities.


In addition, the Diabetes/Health & Wellness Program continues to offer activities to assist in keeping up one’s activity levels/personal health & wellness. Physical activity and health nutrition are connected to one’s mental health. Please try and stay as physically active a possible, as we know the pandemic is taking a toll on the mental health of individuals, as well.

Please see updated contact information for HHS programs and staff below.


Health and Human Services

PO Box 540, Wellpinit, WA 99040 (509) 258-7502 Fax: (509) 258-7029

Daily Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 4:00 pm.


Ricki Peone, Director of Health&: Human Services: 258-7502ext 32

Tawhnee Colvin, Assistant Director: 258-7502 ext. 37

Tashina Brown, Executive Assistant: 258-7502 ext. 24,

Whitney Moses, Front Desk/Reception: 258-7502

Gen Wynne, Medical Records: 258-7502 ext. 47

Mental Health/Substance Abuse Program:

Provides ALL services for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Eligibility: ages 18 yrs and older (Possibly younger on a Case by Case basis). Outpatient recovery, Individual, family and child counseling.

Contact: Shad St Paul, Program Manager 258-7502 ext . 42

Prevention Program:

Provides cultural activities and classes, all supplies are provided. suxwcvn’s’it – Youth Mentoring/Activities Program Nicotine Replacement Therapies, Holistic Alternatives, Advisory Meetings. All ages depending on activity/ event.

Contact: Empero Corral 258-7502 ext.19, Roni Stearns: 258-7502

Children and Family Services:

Addresses the issue of Abuse and Neglect of children. DCFS responds to referrals, investigations, case management, safety plan development, family preservation, dependencies, custodianships, etc.

Contact: 258-7502Laura B. ext.28, Teresa P. ext.44, Jean J. ext.23, Tawhnee C. ext.37


Report Child Abuse and/or Neglect: (509)258-7502, After Hours: (509)258-4400

End Harm Line, State Line: 1-866-363-4276

Social Services

Contact:  Sara Carle, LIHEAP, Foster Licensing, Emergency Assistance Services

258-7502 ext. 20

Health Coaching:

Assisting aging adults with health coaching, client appointments, aging adult support, home check-ins, patient activation measurements, etc.

Contact: Nora Flett 258-7502 ext. 25

Community Services:

Transportation to medical appointments, home visits, medication delivery/set up.

Contact: Kathy Wynecoop 258-7502 ext. 38


Eligible to pregnant women, newborns to 5 years old.

Contact: Deb Prince 258-7502 ext. 34

Domestic Violence Services:

Victims of Crimes: Please call for more information or assistance Krista Colvin Program Manager, 721-1053, Marie Eli, Advocate, Gerald Crowshoe, Advocate

Contact: 258-8920. After Hours: (509) 258-4400

Spokane Tribal Health&: Wellness/Diabetes:

Outreach, Education and Awareness of the prevention of diabetes, treatment of diabetes, as well as healthy lifestyle living activities/events.

Contact: Micaela Carroll, 258-7502ext. 45

Spokane Tribal Vocational Rehab (STVR):

Eligibility requirements, must be enrolled in a federally recognized tribe; Have a disability diagnosed by a licensed clinician.

Contact: Christopher Zilar, Program Manager 258-7502 ext. 36


Scott Peone, Program Manager,

Thornton Allen, Ronald Andrew, Support Staff

(509) 258-7145 Hours: Monday-Friday7:30 pm – 4:00 pm.

Senior/Elder Services:

Provide lunch meals Mon- Fri, check-ins on seniors/elders during their routes for any concerns/needs.

Contact: Angie Matt, Service Program Director 258-7129

Adult Protective Services:

Report Elder Abuse at: Phone: 1-877-734-6277 or Email: apscentralintake Children of the Sun Head Start:

Children aged 3yrs to 5yrs attend school from 10am to 2pm.

Contact: Natalie Meyring, Head Start Director 258-7229

NYCP Native Youth Community Project:

Provides educational and professional development related services to students and teachers in the Wellpinit School District and Spokane Tribe Head Start. No Application needed. Students in the Wellpinit School District are eligible.

Contact: Jennifer LeBret BIA Building 258-6880