Council Update 12.04.2020

Council Updates

Spokane Tribal Secretary Elect Tiger Peone – łip̓smyéw

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x̣est sx̣l̓x̣al̓t pecyáʔ



Good Day Fellow Spokane Tribal Members,


Below is a status update on on-going projects,



Emergency Residential Internet

We received a new shipment of 25 jet packs. To date we have served 150+ households on and off Reservation. Maria is continuing to assist families.


Broadband Towers

The 4 Broadband towers are on track for December completion on construction. Wellpinit MT. tower has been assembled. We have been meeting with the Colville Tribe to coordinate 2.5 GHz coverage for our reservations. The goal of this work is to make sure we have continuous coverage between both our reservations. We are coordinating colocation agreements to allow the sharing of towers to reach our shadow zones located on our river boarders. We can provide a more detailed update once we complete the initial planning.


Fiber Deployment

Planning has started the Community connect grant work with the WA State Broadband Office staff. We are on the last steps needed to bring the much-needed fiber to our Reservation. A big thank you to Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rodgers and Senator Marie Cantwell’s Office for continuing to support the Spokane Tribe, by writing support letters for our Fiber Deployment Projects.


Powwow Quarantine Facility

The Bathroom/shower facility has been ordered. Due to COVID Funding Time restrictions, we are coordinating sole sourcing. We have repurposed the grant funding to be used for the kitchen equipment in the quarantine facility. The equipment list has been reduced to fit the budget.



Priority Non-COVID Projects

Tribal Telecom Transition

Once contracting is complete, broadband planning will be completed with initial priority focused on reaching working 2.5GHz towers. This milestone will make the completion of phase one work. Phase 2 planning is underway to complete the hybrid system design to include the reservation-wide fiber deployment. The Tribe and NoaNet will be working with the Washington State Broadband Office to complete the Tribe’s first community connect grant application this year. The State has pledged a telecom grant writer and a telecom engineer to assist the Tribe in writing this application. The Director will also be requesting the State provide the matching funds for this grant. We will wait to see their response.


We are working on transitioning the residential internet customers to Inland Cellular due to the Tribe not being able to provide customer support until we are reestablished.


Overall coordination of the Tribal Telecom is moving forward with a plan that meets the requirements of the Tribal petition. We are working with NoaNet to prepare a schedule from now through June 2022 (petition 2-year mark) and beyond. We will be providing recommendations for organizational structure, staffing and business planning for the future of how the telecom Department can provide services to the reservation residents through a sustainable business model.


Wastewater Lagoon Rehab

Coordination on the project is moving forward well with no delays. Due to the availability of Utility hours for matching funds, we will be requesting to conduct the drain field project this year and complete the lagoon rehab the following spring.


STC Phase 2

The 3rd party review is complete and Cunningham has addressed all remarks from the review. Construction has started.


McCoy Lake Booster Station

The project was started upon completion of the Kieffer Loop project. Recently it was discovered that there was an engineering design mistake made years ago when prior IHS engineers made the design. The design was made with the improper size pump. IHS has agreed to provide the project funding for the mistake.