Council Update 10/21/2020

Council Updates
Spokane Tribal Secretary Elect Tiger Peone – łip̓smyéw
Office-509.458.6511 Cell-509.994.6960

x̣est sx̣l̓x̣al̓t pecyáʔ

Update on discussion topics from Spokane Tribal Business Council

Good Day Fellow Spokane Tribal Members,
On Thursday November 5th, 2020, the Spokane Tribal Business Council will host a virtual Fall General Council via the GoToWebinar platform. To expedite the meeting and cut down on redundancy The Council respectfully asks if you can submit questions beforehand.
Questions can be sent to or leave your question at 509.458.6512
The Spokane Tribal Business Council will still take live questions during the Fall General Council

I. DNR Update
The Burn ban for the Spokane Indian Reservation has been lifted.
Please contact Fire Management for picking up a burning permit and for outdoor burning guidelines.
II. Election Committee Update
On September 21, 2020, the Election Committee received two petitions. The first is an initiative to distribute through direct payment to every Spokane Tribal Citizen a portion of the CARES Act Funds received by the Tribe. The second is an initiative to immediately amend Article VI, Section 4 of the Constitution to allow absentee ballot voting for ALL Tribal Members. A Special Election has been scheduled for October 24, 2020 for a vote on both initiatives. Article X, Section 4 of the Constitution provides that an election on an initiative must have a minimum voter turnout of 51% of the average voter turnout at the regular Tribal elections held during the previous 5 years. Thus, the minimum voter turnout needed for this Initiative is 234.
Polling places shall be as follows:
(1) Alfred McCoy Administration Building, Wellpinit
(2) West End Community Center, West End
(3) TANF building, 232 E. Lyons Avenue, Spokane, Washington
(4) Ford Community Center, New House Lane, Ford Washington
Polls shall be open on Election Day between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Spokane Indian Housing Authority Update
We hand delivered 59 of 200 CARES packages valued at approximately $300 per family.
o The packages include hand sanitizer, face masks, a thermometer, cleaning spray, and $100 food & cleaning supplies voucher to the trading post
o Currently we are waiting for the remaining supplies to come in before we can finish handing out the remaining 141 CARES packages
Purchased 40 acre parcel near New House Lane
Completed Rahab (Siding & Doors) for 11 of 16 Martha Boardman Units
Completed Rehab (Roofing, HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing) work on 5 of 12 Kokanee Units
Completed 345 General work orders and 11 Emergency work order requests
We had 10 move-in’s completed, with 16 move-out’s
o We have two of the units set aside and are in use as transition homes for the Martha Boardman and Kokanee Projects
o One unit is being test for Meth
o Two units are in the turn over process to make ready for new tenants
Purchased the following new equipment: Track Loader, Track Hoe, and Backhoe
Weatherized 10 individual homes and 8 SIHA units
SIHA employees 19 regular employees and 16 construction (force account) and weatherization employees

Loren Bair
Interim Executive Director
Spokane Indian Housing Authority
D: 509-818-1457

III. Spokane Tribal Enterprise Update
As of October 20th, 2020 we will begin accepting Christmas Loan applications. Loan funds will be available within 3-5 days of a complete application packet being submitted. The following conditions apply: • You must be current on all of your loans with Spokane Tribal Credit to qualify. • $800.00 for Spokane tribal members who are tribally employed with payroll deduction capabilities and good payment history. • $400.00 for Spokane tribal members with good payment history and do not have payroll deduction capabilities. • This loan will be expected to be paid back within a 6-month time frame. We will continue to offer the Christmas Loan until December 18, 2020. *** Applications received after December 18, 2020 will not qualify as a Christmas Loan and will be denied. Please read carefully: All applicants must fill out an application and provide proof of income, and verification of tribal enrollment. Each applicant must be able to meet our policy that determines ability to repay the loan, such as debt to income ratios and ability to pay. This loan can be in addition to other loans an individual may have with Tribal Credit, so long as the applicant meets the above conditions.
Contact information 509.458.6580 or 509.458.6555

IV. HHS Update
HHS is excited to provide more community events in a safe manner. Social connections are important for one’s overall health.
October 29: HeadStart’s Annual TRUNK or TREAT CHALLENGE. All Tribal Departments/IHS/ Schools are encouraged to be a part of this event….. Pow-wow Grounds: from 10am to 1 pm.
V. Emergency Residential Internet Update
The Verizon Jetpacks were issued on October 8th and 9th last week. Over 75 Jetpacks were issued in those two days. There are jetpacks still available at the Tribal Planning Office. The final day for issuing Jetpacks will be October 31st. The process for issuing the Jetpacks is as follows: Families are asked if they have Verizon signal at their home. If they do then they are issued a jetpack. If for some reason, the jetpack is not getting a good signal at their home, they are given the information to sign up for SimpliUnlimited satellite service. Both services are completely free to the Tribal member for nine months. For questions or information on the Emergency Residential Internet options contact Maria Cullooyah at 509-993-6679 or email her at