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Update on discussion topics from Spokane Tribal Business Council

Good Day Fellow Spokane Tribal Members,
Initiative 2020-003
Cares Act- General Welfare Distribution:

-Applications will be mailed from the Wellpinit Post Office on October 26, 2020.
-Applications be online at

1. Question: Why do we need to fill out another application/form? Answer: The previous application only covered the timeframe for the previous distribution. July Distribution was for expenses from May 1 through August 31 and November distribution will be for September 1 through December 30. Cares act guidance requires an assessment of needs. The application is our best attempt to assess tribal member needs. Because these funds are for different months, a new application is needed to ensure compliance with CARES Act guidelines.

2. Question: When will I get my General Welfare Distribution? Answer: Distributions will be sent out only after a completed application has been submitted and approved. Completed Applications received by November 4, 2020 will be in the first batch checks to be mailed out.

3. Question: Why does it take so long to get my General Welfare Distribution? Answer: The CARES Act requires all distributions to meet certain requirement or the Tribe may have to pay back this money. The Tribe has to review all applications and ensure they meet the CARES Act requirements. It takes time to review the applications to determine the applications are valid, at least one box is checked and the application is signed by the member. Also verify enrollment and work on processing the checks.

4. Question: When will checks be mailed? Answer: Checks will be mailed on or about November 18, 2020.

5. Question: Why do we not direct deposit them? Answer: Because we have to review and certify all applications, it is more time efficient for the tribe to run all member checks. Then we certify applications and determine a check can be mailed. It would be a lot of check/deposit runs which would take us longer to get the deposits out.