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Construction Management Services RFP21-008

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The Owner’s Representative will be responsible to provide exceptional project leadership, including but not limited to: Construction Design Analysis, Construction Cost Estimates, Construction Management (including Contractor Selection, Pay Application Review, and Project Closeout), Project Cost Tracking, and Statutory, Regulatory, and Local Regulation Compliance (including Code Review and Mitigation). The Owner’s Representative will seek timely guidance and direction from and shall report to the Tribe on a regular and timely basis. During all phases of the scope of work, the Owner’s Representative shall manage all activities of the Project Architect, contractors, subcontractors, inspectors, engineers, and consultants. The goal of the Owner’s Representative is to improve project delivery time, control costs, and ensure quality by keeping multiple, interrelated project components in sync, on time, and within budget.

The Owner’s Representative duties and tasks will include:
• Pre-Construction Phase
• Some of the projects may have begun so some of the Pre-Construction tasks will not be required.
a. Budgeting: Work with the Tribe and partners such as the Architect, engineers, operational consultants, and legal counsel (“Project Team”) to develop a detailed budget for the Project. Some Project budgets have been completed so a review of the budgets will be required.

b. Project Scoping: Work with the Project Team to develop a detailed set of recommendations as to the Project scope and amenities. The Owner’s Representative should review all existing studies and plans to determine their viability and make adjustments using the current market and site information gathered by the Project Team, as needed.

c. Ingress/ Egress: Assist Architect, Builder and Engineer to determine how site access may impact operations and what operational needs there may be necessitating specific ingress/ egress plans.
d. Act as the Tribe’s representative in interacting with all members of the Project Team and third parties, provide overall coordination between the Tribe, Architect, Builder and their consultants, agencies having jurisdiction and others, as necessary and related to the design of the Project.

e. Assist the Tribe in making final decisions about the design direction while ensuring alignment of design within budget, schedule, sustainability, project requirements, quality objectives, owner-furnished items, and scope.

f. Prepare or determine that a full program of Project requirements has been prepared and approved by the Tribe.

g. Ensure all necessary permits, approvals, and any regulatory requirements are known and obtained through coordination with the Architect, Builder, and all applicable regulatory entities.

h. During the review and approval of the Program, develop a Total Project Budget (“Budget”) covering all hard and soft costs, taking into account the budget adjustments and contract progress and final payments, as well as non-construction related procurements along with contingency funds.

i. Develop a Master Project Schedule (“Schedule”) for all major activities of all parties from the pre-design phase through occupancy.

j. Assess whether the Program, Budget, and Schedule are feasible and compatible with one another, and assist in efficiently resolving any compatibility issues.

k. Assist with review of proposed contracts between Architect, engineers, contractors, or consultants and the Tribe. All contracts shall be approved by the Tribe prior to execution.

l. Provide overall coordination between the Tribe, Architect, Builder, and their consultants, and agencies having jurisdiction and other Project Team members to ensure the continuity and progress of the Project.

m. Track and report schedule progress to the Tribe and the Project Team as a whole.

n. Throughout the design phases and construction, coordinate the approval process of all deliverables with all stakeholders for the Project.

o. Review the final construction bid documents prepared for the Project.

p. Attend pre-bid, bid opening and post-bid meetings and assist in the evaluation of the bids received for construction.

q. Conduct cost analyses and cost control procedures with verification of the Builder’s estimates and quotes. Analyze Construction Documents and specifications for the preparation of accurate time, cost, material, and labor estimates to assist in developing accurate project construction costs.

r. Track schedule adherence and advise the Tribe and other parties on any necessary recovery scheduling.

s. Assist the Architect, Builder, Engineer, and Consultants in completing design details for the Project, including value engineering processes and final budget.

t. Review the Builder’s insurance and performance/payment bond submittals.

u. Recommend and assist the Tribal contact with the issuance of a construction Notice to Proceed.

• Construction Phase

1. Provide overall coordination between the Tribe, Architect, Builder and their consultants, agencies having jurisdiction and other Project Team members to ensure the continuity and progress of the project.

2. Participate in pre-construction conferences. Monitor and enforce compliance with applicable provisions of the Tribe’s Procurement Policy to obtain local labor and materials.

3. Attend construction progress meetings and pre-installation conferences.

4. Coordinate and manage inspections of work performed by the Architect, Builder, Engineer, and/ or separately engaged inspectors required by the Tribe.

5. Ensure all necessary testing, permits, and approvals have been obtained and any regulatory requirements are met through coordination with the Builder and with all applicable regulatory entities.

6. Review the Builder’s weekly construction progress schedule and advise the Tribe of any issues.

7. Review change requests, progress and final payments for the Builder team, Engineer, vendors or others associated with the design and construction of the Project.

8. Ensure necessary plan checks and inspections are conducted according to Project requirements.

9. Report Project progress to the Tribal contact on a regular basis and the Tribe’s Council on a scheduled basis.

10. Report any non-conforming work, safety problems, or regulatory issues to the appropriate Project Team members and the Tribe.

11. Provide a status report to the Tribe each month or as often as directed.

12. Coordinate the Tribe’s FF&E and systems work scope.

13. Review all applications for progress and final payments from the Architect, Builder, and Engineer along with any other vendors or providers of services, make payment recommendations, and report progress and any pertinent information to the Tribe.

14. Assist the Tribe in obtaining occupancy certificates and closing out the various Project contracts and assemble warranties, manuals, and other Project records that will be retained.

15. Ensure a complete regimen of commissioning and testing is performed with the acceptance criteria, documentation, and necessary training outlined.

16. Compile equipment/system operational information and maintenance schedules for use following Project completion.