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Committee Vacancy Announcements


The Spokane Tribe is seeking interested individuals
to serve on the following committees/boards:

Johnson O’Malley Committee (JOM)

Tribal Employment Rights Commission (TERO)

Spokane Indian Housing Authority Board (SIHA)

Indian Child Welfare Advisory Committee (STICWAC)

Wildlife Committee

Enrollment Committee 

  • Please submit your LOI (Letter of Interest) detailing your background, experience and knowledge, as applicable, for Council consideration.
  • Duties, responsibilities and requirements for each committee will be provided upon request.
  • Spokane Tribal employees seeking consideration must also provide written approval from their direct supervisor and acknowledge the STOI policy for serving on committees.
  • LOI’s should be submitted to the Council offices at the Admin Building or by email to Flett@spokanetribe.com and must be received by 4pm on Wednesday, July 21st.