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RATE OF PAY: $15.73 – $23.59/ PER HOUR

The Spokane Tribal TANF Children’s Center provides a safe and developmentally appropriate environment for young children. We value, accept and welcome all children and families. The primary emphasis of the program is to provide Early Childhood learning in a positive, educational setting.

• Assist in planning, coordinating, and implementing activities in accordance with developmentally appropriate practice and program philosophy;
• Provide a variety of materials, resources, and activities for children to explore, manipulate and use; both in learning activities and imaginative play which develop questioning, probing, and problem solving appropriate to developmental levels and learning styles of the children;
• Assist in scaffolding language throughout the day and in a variety of activities with children;
• Utilize available resources to ensure effective delivery of services;
• Ensure services are implemented to meet each child’s individualized needs thru active collaboration with classroom teaching teams;
• Assist in all classrooms, including infant, toddler, preschool, and school-age;
• Organize, plan, and maintain records of required data concerning children and families;
• Utilize space, materials, and routine as resources for constructing an interesting and enjoyable environment that encourages exploration and learning;
• Provide a safe environment to prevent and reduce injuries of the children; observe and monitor children’s play activities;
• Promote an environment that contributes to good health and prevention of illness; instruct children in health and personal habits; such as eating, resting, and toilet habits;
• Attend to children’s basic needs by feeding them, dressing them, and changing their diapers;
• Support children’s emotional and social development, encouraging understanding of others and positive self-concepts;
• Positively discipline children and recommend or initiate other measures to control behavior in accordance with program policy and individualized care plans as determined by classroom teaching teams;
• Actively participate in ALL quality improvement endeavors, including but not limited to meeting Washington State Early Achievers minimum Operating Guidelines;
• Serve as a resource person to parents and families in supporting and enhancing the parental role as the principle influence on their child’s education and development;
• Observe and monitor children’s play activities;
• Read to children and teach them simple painting, drawing, handicrafts, and songs;
• Provide the children opportunities to understand and acquire communication skills through their thoughts and feelings;
• Positively interact with the children assisting them in selecting or participating in developmentally appropriate activities;
• Maintain an open, friendly and informative relationship with children and families; and encourage their participation in the program;
• Engage the children in appropriate language development through conversation and vocalization;
• Support the children’s positive self-image through appropriate conversations and positive guidance techniques including negotiating skills; utilizing positive guidance techniques and recommending or initiating other measures to control behavior in accordance with program policies;
• Optimize all children’s learning opportunities thru play;
• Perform as a team member to assure that productivity outcome measures are achieved;
• Facilitate a friendly and constructive atmosphere in regards to relationships with all co-workers and clientele;
• Attend monthly staff meetings and designated training programs;
• Assist in preparing food for children and serve meals and refreshments to children as required by the Minimum Licensing Requirements and/or the Child and Adult Care Food Program requirements;
• Organize, clean and store toys and materials to ensure order in activity areas;
• Maintain classroom upkeep and sanitization on a regular basis;
• Collaborate with lead staff members in providing education to the children including working with parents;
• Support children’s learning by assisting lead teachers in planning and implementing learning opportunities based on child interest;
• Enforce all Federal, State, and Tribal regulations and policies with regards to the TANF and Child Care Programs;
• Perform all work related duties as required, and assist with other duties in the Early Learning Center as assigned by the Director.

• Knowledge of American Indian culture, traditions, and language;
• Knowledge in working with low-income children and families;
• Knowledge of principles and processes for providing services to children and families;
• Knowledge of program requirements for early childhood/child care services;
• Knowledge of human behavior and performance, individual differences in ability, personality and interests, learning and motivation;
• Knowledge of early childhood developmental stages and developmentally appropriate practices;
• Knowledge of Creative Curriculum and associated assessment materials;
• Skill in observation and data collection;
• Skill in submitting reports in a timely fashion;
• Skill in effective verbal and written communication;
• Ability to maintain positive communication among parents, co-workers, Tribal staff, public and private agencies in serving the customers;
• Ability to handle conflict, complaints and disputes;
• Ability to practice tact, courtesy and discretion;
• Ability to work under stressful conditions;
• Ability to maintain dependable and punctual shiftwork in order to sustain a well-structured environment for the children served by the ELC;
• Ability to work flexible hours, shifts and rotate between various classrooms and kitchen as needed;
• Ability and willingness to change the way children are cared for in congruence with program policy and all quality improvement endeavors.

• Initial Basic STARS 30-Hour Training preferred OR ability to complete training within six months of hire date (if education does not substitute), and 10 hours annual STARS training required;
• Ability to obtain the following certificates and licenses within the specified time frame:
 Blood Borne Pathogens (1 month)
 Food Handler’s Certification (2 months)
 First Aid and CPR certification Infant and Child (2 months) and any other requirements necessary to meet Spokane Tribe of Indians licensing standards; if not met upon hire, within first three months of hire date.
Employee will be required to maintain all certifications and keep them current.

• Must be at least 18 years old
• Washington State Short State ECED Certificate of Specialization or equivalent OR willingness to obtain within two years of hire date is required. Washington State ECED Certificate is preferred. A signed educational agreement will be required if educational mandates are not currently met;
• Full-time employees must be able to work a steady full-time workload (minimum 32 hours, maximum 40 hours per week);
• Part-time employees must be able to work a steady workload not to exceed 29 hours per week;
• Previous experience working with Native American clientele and understanding of their cultural needs is preferred.
• Current and up-to-date immunizations including a current TB skin test, annual influenza vaccine, TDap in lieu of Tetanus vaccine (preferred), Hepatitis B vaccination;
• Must be able to perform the job duties; bending, stooping, kneeling, lifting of small children on a regular basis. Biennial physical required.
• Must successfully clear and maintain in good standing all criminal background checks; Tribal, Federal, WA State portable, and National Child Abuse Registry and Neglect Data System. Any findings of child abuse or neglect will result in termination of employment.

*Safety Sensitive

** PUBLIC LAW 101.630 **
This position will have regular contact with and/or control over children as part of their job.

2023-287 Public Law, Pursuant to 3.1.1, this position requires Application Form (3.1.2), and Background and Character Investigation (3.1.3) to be submitted at the time of application.

 Authorization and Consent National Credit Reporting Form
 Spokane Tribe Compliance Application Form


Contact: Sabrina McCoy or Empero Corral
(509) 458-6583 or (509) 458-6529, Fax (509) 458-6556
E-mail: hrfrontdesk@spokanetribe.com
All Applications Must Be Received in the HR Department No Later
Than 4:30pm on the Closing Date
The Spokane Tribe of Indians Reserves The Right To Hire According To Its Indian Preference Policy
All Applicants Are Subject To A Pre-Employment Drug Test
Safety Sensitive Positions Will Also Test for Marijuana
All Positions With The Spokane Tribe Are Subject To A-90 Day Orientation