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Task Management Software

Click here to download RFB: RFB21-047 Task Management Software

Spokane Tribe of Indians-Task Management Software

We are looking for a solution that is cloud-based and license-based. This will allow users to login from anywhere at any time and allow the STOI to track which users have access to the platform. To add, we would like a solution that offers departments the ability to do the following:

  • System access through a cloud-based solution.
  • Create, update and delete department spaces.
  • Create, update and delete folders.
  • Create, update and delete projects.
  • Create, update and delete tasks within projects.
  • Assign projects and tasks to employees.
  • Track budgets, timelines and other miscellaneous project information.
  • Administer users through permissions and privileges.
  • Audit projects, tasks and users through advanced reporting tools.
  • Ability to create quick reminders or notices on a daily basis.
  • Ability to upload documents to the system.
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Two Rivers HUB Study

Click to download entire RFP: RFP21-016 Two Rivers Hub Study


The SPOKANE TRIBE OF INDIANS is requesting proposals from responsive, responsible, and qualified firms to provide a Highest and Best Use Feasibility Study on the Spokane Tribe’s Two-Rivers Site that includes the Marina and RV Park.

The Tribe seeks to undertake a visioning and planning process to determine the highest and best use for the Two Rivers property. The term “Highest and Best Use” implies the best use for the benefit of the Spokane Tribe of Indians, Tribal citizens and their Families, as a priority, while creating a resort that reflects the environmental stewardship of our people. The visioning and Planning process will begin with an assessment of the current conditions and issues before moving on to Highest and Best Use and Master Planning. Environmental, cultural/historic, market, traffic and other assessments will be required to inform all recommendations and decisions. Tribal community input must occur throughout the study process.

The Tribe is interested in receiving comprehensive proposals from multi-disciplinary teams of hospitality and tourism planning professionals to provide best use and master plan products. One proposer or prime consultant must lead each team assuming multiple disciplines are investigated.

Project Area

The Project address is 6828 B. Hwy 25 South, Davenport, WA 99122. The Planning Study will address all tribally owned Parcels (as Shown on Exhibit A). Updated surveys will need to be part of this study. Transportation, environmental, utility infrastructure, and land use conditions (both current and planned) for the surrounding area will be important factors in determining appropriate development for the property. The property sits on the banks of the Columbia and Spokane Rivers. This proximity will have land use restrictions that will need to be identified.

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Spokane Tribal Fish Hatchery One Live Fish Transfer Pump and Tower EXTENDED

Click to download entire RFB:RFB21-046 Spokane Tribal Hatchery Live Transfer Pump and Tower EXTENDED

The SPOKANE TRIBE OF INDIANS (Spokane Tribe, STOI, Tribe) is requesting bids from reasonable, responsive, responsible, vendors to provide quality One Live Fish Transfer Pump and Tower for our Spokane Tribal Fish Hatchery.

The purpose of this request for bids is to provide One Live Fish Transfer Pump and Tower to the Spokane Tribal Fish Hatchery.  The Spokane Tribal Fish Hatchery is a cold water fish aquaculture facility that produces trout, salmon and sturgeon. The purpose of this request for bids is to provide a fish transfer pump and tower capable of transferring live fish between rearing vessels and live haul fish transport trucks. Spokane Tribal Hatchery staff will determine appropriate/necessary bids from vendors.


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Click here for entire RFP:  RFP21-013 HR Policies and Procedures Update

The Spokane Tribe of Indians, (“STOI or Tribe”) currently has over 525 employees with future growth expected.  As a result of Covid 19, it is critical to update our Human Resources, (“HR”) systems and processes through technology infrastructure.  The STOI government is headquartered in a remote location presenting an array of challenges, not only recruitment and retention of employees, but also accessibility to the HR system for 525 employees, supervisors, managers and directors.  Technology must be implemented to increase the Tribe’s ability to adequately respond to the emergency crises in today’s world and to continually improve the public health and safety of our employees and Reservation community.

The STOI Government will select a Human Resources Information System (“HRIS”) to minimize in-person contact and improve public health and safety through technology upgrades.  The upgrade will enhance the Tribe’s ability to provide automated HR systems and processes.  The goal is to replace an outdated, manual, labor-intensive, paper-driven system.  The online access will increase overall employee engagement capabilities.  As a result of a new HRIS the STOI Employee Policy Manual (“EPM”), including crafting of new Standard Operating Procedures and associated policies.

Project Scope:

  1. Update and revise the Employee Policy Manual, (“EPM”) & HR Standard Operating Procedures, (“SOP”), including a work plan, timeline and recommendations for implementation and ensuring consistency between the EPM and the new HRIS.
  2. Recommendations for implementation and alignment of the Compensation Policy & Procedure, ensuring consistency between the Compensation Policy and EPM, including a work plan and timeline.
  3. Recommendations and policy development of new policies for the current working world. For example, the current EPM is lacking in areas of social media, performance management, pandemic, telework, emergency leave, etc.


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Spokane Tribe Back Up Generator-EXTENDED

Click to download entire RFP: RFP21-010 Back Up Generators EXTENDED


The Spokane Tribe is in the process of upgrading and improving the current Emergency Management Plan. The Emergency Management Planning Team is currently charged with the responsibility of the upgrade process. This Team has determined that the Alfred McCoy Administration should have priority for the alternate power sources for the following reasons:


  1. ALFRED McCOY ADMINISTRATION – The Administration Office has approximately 38,382 SF of space and serves as a hub for the Spokane Tribe’s government and community services. This Office may also serve as the Head Quarters, Main Hub or Base for any future Emergency needs for the local community. The generator will also assist with the Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) within the FEMA Emergency Plan. The Administration encompasses many of the amenities need for COOP. This includes office space, conference rooms, network server, restroom facilities, lunchroom, parking, conditioned space and more.
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EXTENDED Spokane Tribal HHS Department Video/Audio Conference System

Click to download entire RFP: Extended HHS Video Audio Conference RFP21-012


The SPOKANE TRIBE OF INDIANS is requesting proposals from reasonable, responsive, responsible, and qualified firms to provide an Video/Audio Conference System. The purpose of this contract is to supplement Tribal resources to complete multiple projects. All projects will be subject to applicable tribal, federal, contract, or grant rules and regulations.



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Bow Making Apprentice (2)-Culture Week

Click here to download entire RFQ:RFQ21-051 Culture Week – Bow Apprentice

Culture Week

Bow Making Apprentice (2)

Spokane Tribal Language/Culture Program
Pow Wow Grounds

Teaching of specified project, infusing history and purpose of item to the young people attending Culture Week 2021.  Assist with cleaning project areas, assist with trash removal, supervise all youth in attendance, assist with set up/tear down / clean up, etc…


Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • Must be able to work with young people in a kind, respectful and Culturally Appropriate manner.
  • Must teach the skill as well as how to work with and teach young people
  • Must learn the history and the purpose of the art…………


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Language Immersion Camp Camp Cook-Meal Delivery

Click to download entire RFQ: RFQ21-050 Language Immersion Camp Cook

Spokane Tribal Language/Culture Program
Two-Rivers Resort-West End

Role and Responsibilities

Storage, preparation and delivery of meals to the Language Immersion Camp June 21-25, 2021.  Services will be required for a total of 6 days.  Shopping completed by contracted.  (Supplies and food not to be included in bid).  Must have own BBQ Grill.  Some meals will require onsite cooking for main course; side dishes may be brought to camp.  Must keep water supplies well stocked at camp for attendees.

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Culture Week Cooks (2) – 2 positions

Click to download entire RFQ: RFQ21-049 Culture Week Cooks – (2 pos)

Spokane Tribal Language/Culture Program
Pow Wow Grounds


______  Cook (1)

______  Cook (1)

Role and Responsibilities

Storage, preparation and delivery of meals for Culture Week between the dates starting May 27, 2021 and ending by June 23, 2021.  Services will be required for a total of 12 days: 3 prep and 9 meals/service days.  Shopping completed by contracted on one of the 3 prep days.  (Meal costs provided by the Program).  Contracted must have own BBQ Grill.  Some meals will require onsite cooking for main course, side dishes may be brought to camp.  Must keep water supplies well stocked at camp for attendees.

Culture Week/Month Cultural Specialists (11) / Cultural Apprentice (6) – 17 positions

Click to download entire RFQ: RFQ21-045 Culture Week-Month Posting 2

Spokane Tribal Language/Culture Program
3 sites – Ford Youth Center, West End Youth Center, Pow Wow Grounds

Instructor Positions                                                       

_____ Stick Game

_____ Drumming / Dancing

_____ Hand Drums

_____ Breast Plates / Necklaces

_____ Baby Boards

_____ Flat / Lazy Stitch

_____ Loom Beading

_____ Canning (salmon) / Jam making

_____ Flint Knapping / Arrowheads

_____ Hide Tanning

Apprentice Positions

_____ Baby Boards

_____ Canning (salmon) / Jam making

_____ Flint Knapping / Arrowheads

_____ Frybread

_____ Hand Drum

_____ Pow Wow drum