Relay Event Postponed

Hello everyone,

As we have all been getting the emails from different departments.

I apologize for postponing this Thursday the 17th event due to bad air quality.

I apologize to the teams who had their info in and ready to go.

Hopefully we can do another relay in october and make it Spooooookyyyyy.

Stay safe!
Krista Colvin

TANF/477 Office Contact Information During Closure

477 offices are currently closed to the public. If you need immediate assistance please contact Bobbi Williams at (509) 723-7023, for Wellpinit.


Yvette Buckley (509) 413-8389,
Fawn Brigman +1 (509) 991-0503 for Spokane.

Please know we take these situations very seriously. The safety of our employees and clients is always our absolute top priority.

Thank you for your continued support as we work together to stay safe and healthy during this temporary closure.

Tribal Office Shutdown

As we know the Air Quality is Hazardous and Unhealthy. The Spokane Tribal Offices will be closing down at 10:00 am today. We have received recommendations as it applies to the health and safety of our staff. It is the goal to keep our Tribe safe!

Andrew A. Matherly, Acting E.D.Chairman, Spokane  BBC  Tribal Gaming Commission

Member, Enterprise Board of Directors

Wellpinit Clinic Closed Monday 9/14/2020

Due to the hazardous air quality, the David C. Wynecoop Memorial Clinic will be closed Monday, September 14, 2020. No decision has been made regarding hours for Tuesday, September 15, 2020. Please call our weather line at 509-258-4517 Ext. 4115 for updates to our operating hours before you head to the clinic.

Boys and Girls Club Closed Monday 9/14/2020

Wellpinit Boys and Girls Club will be closed Monday September 14, 2020 due to poor air quality.

Air Quality Update Monday 9/14/2020

Updated numbers as 9/14/2020 6AM

Similar to yesterday

Air Quality Index (AQI) – 244 – VERY UNHEALTHY

Washington Air Quality Advisory (WAQA) – 327- HAZARDOUS
WAQA is a more strenuous value to represent health

Lowest reading today 9/14/2020 was 194.1 AQI (VERY UNHEALTHY )

downward trend continuing, but a weak southernly wind may continue Tuesday and Wednesday

Head Start Closed Monday 9/14/2020

Due to poor air quality the Spokane Tribal Headstart will be closed Monday September 14, 20202.

TANF/477 Youth and Child Care Closed Monday 9/14/2020

Youth and Child care centers are closed  Monday September 14th, 2020 . Due to poor air quality inside of the buildings.

Air Quality Information For The Spokane Indian Reservation

Here are the updated numbers for the reservation as of September 13, 2020 4pm

Air Quality Index (AQI) – 252 – VERY UNHEALTHY

Washington Air Quality Advisory (WAQA) – 340 – HAZARDOUS
WAQA is a more strenuous value to represent health

Highest reading for the weekend was 9/12/2020 at 408 (HAZARDOUS) on the AQI scale
the low for 9/13/2020 was 247 AQI (VERY UNHEALTHY )

showing a slow downward trend at this time.

To download the Washington Air Quality Advisory Click Here


2020 Census Announcement

2020 Census
On September 30th, the Census Bureau will officially stop counting U.S. residents in the 2020 Census. Because the Census is only conducted once every ten years, those who do not complete their Census by the end of this month will remain uncounted for the next decade. For each tribal citizen missed, it is estimated that the tribe will lose $3000 in federal funding. With only a 35% completion rate, the Spokane Tribe currently stands to lose millions of dollars that would otherwise go towards TANF, the Boys and Girls Club, the IHS Clinic, and much more.

The most significant consequence of not completing the Census is an inaccurate count of the Spokane Tribal community, resulting in less public funding and less representation. However, there are also individual risks and consequences that households may face for not completing the Census– an obligation that is technically required by law. Refusal to answer all or part of the Census carries a $100 fine, and providing false information to the Census carries a $500 fine. In order to avoid the risk of fines, each household must complete the Census in full, which only takes between five and twenty minutes total.

You still have time to complete the Census by phone, by mail, or online. You will need either your 12-digit Census pin- which was hand delivered- or your address. To complete the Census by phone, call 844-330-2020. Phone attendants will also be available to assist Census-takers with any questions or concerns. To complete the Census by mail, simply fill out the questionnaire that was hand delivered and send it back in the return envelope free of charge. For this option, the envelope must be postmarked by September 30; the Census Bureau may receive the envelope at a later date, but it will still be counted. The Census can also be completed online at Census-takers will need their address, the names and birthdates of everyone in their household, and other basic demographic information. For any questions, or if you or a family member needs any assistance, please contact the Spokane Tribe’s Census Team at