Spokane Indian Reservation COVID-19 Numbers as of July 20 ,2020

Testing Numbers
i. Total SIR Residents Tested- 444
439- Tested at the David C. Wynecoop Clinic (IHS)
5- Tested at Other Locations
ii. Positive Tests- 9
7 Positive Test at David C Wynecoop Clinic (IHS) (3 have recovered)
2 Positive Test at other location ( 2 have recovered)
iii. Negative Tests- 409
406 Negative Tests at David C Wynecoop Clinic (IHS)
3 Negative Test at other locations
iv. Tests Pending Results- 26

Spokane Tribal Dump Sites No Longer Free July 24, 2020

Dear community members,

Starting on Thursday July 24th, it is no longer free of charge to use the Wellpinit and West End garbage dumps.

Any questions please email, message, or call Jay Brown 509-703-0769 or Shannon Bair 509-598-0181.

Thank you,

Shannon Bair
Tribal Utilities Department

Special Hunt Sign Up

Special Hunt sign up will be available at the DNR front porch June 1, 2020 until Friday July 31, 2020, 8:30am-4:30pm.

For more information contact Shireen Brigman at (509)626-4400

Wellpinit School District News July 16, 2020

Update from the Wellpinit School District – July 16, 2020
In step with our community partners the school buildings and programs will be shut down until further notice. At Wellpinit Elementary, summer school will be cancelled for the remainder of July. At the mshs students can continue to work on their coursework from home.
Summer staff will be working from home so if you have any questions, sending an email would be the best way to connect with one of us.
Thank You,
The Wellpinit School District
Kim Ewing
Principal, Wellpinit School District
(509) 258-4535 ext 3115

Spokane Tribal Re-Opening Update July 17, 2020

Good Morning Tribal Employees,

Contracting for commercial sanitation services is being finalized. The cleaning team intends to begin the process as early as this evening if everything comes to together as expected.

Please do not come into the office Monday but pay close attention to your email or the Rawhide’s facebook page for further opening information. We intend to re-open all facilities at the same time to minimize logistical challenges. Re-opening may take place as early as Tuesday or perhaps as late as Thursday or Friday. More to come on this subject as soon as I know more.

Finally, please to continue to work out in the field or telecommute if you are able. If you are unable to telecommute, you do not have to utilize PTO for the leave but you will have to utilize one of the following three categories on your timesheets, as appropriate (most of you will be item 1):

1) Emergency Leave: for worksite closure up to 2 weeks’ of pay.

2) Sick Leave COVID: up to 2 weeks’ pay for the following situations:
a. Employee is in quarantine,
b. Have COVID symptoms and seeking a medical diagnosis,
c. Care for someone in quarantine,
d. Care for a child whose school or care provider is closed.

3) Sick Leave COVID: up to 4 weeks’ pay if employee is diagnosed as COVID-19 infected (a positive test).

Have a safe weekend. More to come.

Mike Tedesco
Executive Director, Spokane Tribe of Indians

Spokane Tribe HHS Closure

HHS will be closed Friday July 17, 2020.

If you have have an emergency contact Spokane Tribal Law Enforcement at 509-258-4400 or call 911.

We will be open for business Monday morning July 20, 2020.

477 Closures July 16, 2020

477 participants and partners,

Due to increased exposure to COVID-19 within the Administration Building, possible exposure in other frequently utilized facilities, and an increasing number of active cases on the Reservation we are reducing participation or closing the following programs:

The Early Learning Center is closed tomorrow July 17, 2020 and will re-open Monday for governmental employees’ children that are required to continue in-person attendance: Finance, Police, EMS, Park Rangers, and Fire Management (this list is subject to change).

UPDATE: The Child Care Center, Ford Youth Center, West End Community Center and 477 in Spokane are all closing until they can be sanitized.

As a gentle reminder, please continue to social distance

Salmon Distribution July 21, 2020

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Tuesday July 21, 2020, the Tribal Hatchery crew will have salmon for distribution to Spokane Tribal members. They will be traveling to Entiat Hatchery for Chinook. Summer Chinook will be distributed to all areas: WestEnd, Wellpinit, Ford and Spokane. Please be courteous to your DNR staff and your fellow tribal members to make sure all benefit from our Salmon Allocations.

While waiting for Salmon, PLEASE practice all safety measures: wear face masks and social distancing (6ft apart).

Distribution Areas:

All Areas: Wellpinit, West End, Ford and Spokane TANF site.
Distribution time approximately 4 PM.

It is your responsibility to bring cooler or bags for your salmon, BAGS WILL NOT BE PROVIDED.
The crews will call ahead to broadcast if there is a change in time of distribution.

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Thank You Spokane Tribal DNR staff for all you do.

Moccasin Express Shut Down

Attention Moccasin Express Passengers.

Due to increased exposure to COVID-19 within the Administration Building, possible exposure in other frequently utilized facilities, and an increasing number of active cases on the Reservation, we are forced to close the Moccasin Express at the end of the service day today until further notice.

Van pools will remain in operation for those employees that require transportation to and from work. Please adhere to the sanitation standards that you have been provided.

Scheduled para-transit trips for this week will continue. However, service will be limited to a few with life threatening illnesses for next week. Others will need to find alternate transportation. Staff will be contacting those people via phone today.

Once the building sanitizing is complete and it is deemed safe to operate, we will set a restart date.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Robin Kieffer, Transit Manager
The Moccasin Express
Spokane Tribe of Indians
PO Box 100
Wellpinit, Wa. 99040
509 458 6564

Spokane Tribe Governmental Building Shutdown

Spokane Tribe Governmental Staff,

Due to confirmed exposure to COVID-19 within the Administration Building, possible exposure in other frequently utilized facilities, and an increasing number of active cases on the Reservation, we must close down all governmental facilities until such time as a thorough sanitation can take place within them. I advise administrators for other Tribal facilities that I do not oversee to strongly consider closing, as well.

Governmental employees required to continue in-person attendance are Finance, Police, EMS, Park Rangers, and Fire Management (this list is subject to change). Distribution of general welfare payments will proceed on schedule.

This afternoon, I will be meeting with a sanitation company, by which I will develop a contract and schedule to sanitize all Tribal facilities that I oversee (and many that I do not). Once I gain more clarity on scheduling, I will circulate a calendar of building re-opening days. In the interim, I will keep Tribal Council and the Executive Leadership team abreast of the changing situation and scheduling logistics as they develop.

If you are capable of teleworking, please continue to do so. If you are unable to telework, please mark your future timesheets under the COVID Leave line item. You are cleared to vacate your offices as soon as possible. Staff from Indian Health Services will contact individuals whom they feel should be tested. And, of course, if you feel you should be tested contact IHS or your primary health provider for further guidance.

Thank you and take care,


Mike Tedesco
Spokane Tribe Executive Director