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Spokane Tribe Casino Management Trainee Program

Spokane Tribe Casino is pleased to announce the Spokane Tribe Management Trainee Program!

This exciting opportunity is for Spokane Tribal Members.

The Spokane Tribe Casino’s Leadership Team is committed to training & developing Spokane Tribal Members; and has designed this management program intended to provide Spokanes the training and mentoring they need to become Leaders at their Casino.

If interested in expanding your career in the following areas, please click on link https://spokanetribe.com/employment/ to apply.

We are recruiting in the following areas:

• Casino Operations
• Executive Admin/Analyst
• Finance
• Food & Beverage
• Marketing
• Security

Required Qualifications:
• Must be an enrolled Spokane Tribal Member
• Must have a four-year college degree from an accredited college or university or proven record of near completion of one
• Two years of experience in the field of interest
• One year of experience as a Lead or in a Supervisory role
• Application packets must include:
o Completed application for employment
o Proof of enrollment
o Resume
o Cover letter
o Three professional letters of recommendation
o College transcripts or training certifications

These positions are a 10-month paid mentorship positions with the goal of expanding his or her knowledge in the area of interest and moving into a management role within our Casino!

Should you have questions or concerns, please email Brea Bright, Training Manager, at: Brea.Bright@spokanetribecasino.com.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Announcing the Native Vote Raffle

I wanted to announce to everyone, if you are registered to vote and email me you can be entered into the raffle. If you want to do your own post or video about voting and you tag me or even email me and say “Hey look on my Facebook or Instagram I made a Native Vote Entry” you can get another entry into the raffle. Thank you for viewing, I hope you get out and vote!

Councilman Tiger Peone

Showing you that even when your in a hurry, if you know the information already it’s as easy as checking the box. Also please remember please take time to do your signature.

How To Vote


Thank you Alex for agreeing to my ideas…we talk about voting deadlines.

Bre Brigman

I wanted to let you know why it matters to me. Yes, I wanted to get a wide variety of speakers and people to share their stories and their opinions so I thought it was fair for me to share how I felt. I get a little emotional, but it’s because I truly feel that voting is a privilege we take for granted. I hope you listen.


Andy Matherly

Andy talks about why voting is important to him, from tribal to general election.

Conversations with Cipi

We talk about Native Stereotypes and Voting for our Native Candidates

Margo Hill

This is the second video with Margo Hill, she talks about getting fired up to vote and Native Candidates we should support