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Council Updates 09/28/2020

Council Updates
Spokane Tribal
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Tiger Peone– ŁIP̓SMYÉW


x̣est sx̣l̓x̣al̓t Pecyáʔ

Update on discussion topics from Spokane Tribal Business Council

I. Initiative on the Cares Act Disbursement and Absentee Ballot

o The voting date has been set for October 24th 2020. If the initiative passes, November 18th has been set as the tentative check date.
o There will not be a GoToWebinar discussion meeting for the items on the ballot. STBC does not want to give the impression of trying to sway the voting membership. STBC has an open-door policy and can be reached 24/7 via email, or via Cellular

II. Elder General Welfare disbursements

o STBC has approved Resolution 2020-418, this will initiate a disbursement of $200.00 for the first quarter of 2021. These funds will help the elevate risk of these individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the first quarter only, a Spokane Tribal Member age 55 and over is eligible for Tribal Elder General Welfare. After the first quarter, a Tribal Elder is defined as 65+.
o Applications are on the Spokane Tribal website, please if you have questions call Anissa Jered at 458-6525.

III. DNR Update

o Burn Ban still in effect
o ELK HUNT– Archery closes September 30th
o ELK HUNT- Muzzle loading hunt open October 1st – closes October 11th
o ELK HUNT- Rifle hunting opens November 6th – closes November 22nd
o MULE DEER SEASON, one buck & one antlerless, no more than 2 mule deer per household, opens October 1- closes October 14
It is mandatory that ALL Mule Deer harvested are reported to Wildlife Department for data collection, Derek Abrahamson 626-4405
IV. Covid-19 update
o We are still observing Resolution 2020-331
The Executive Leadership Team is meeting on October 1st 2020 will discuss and present any potential changes to Phases, and anything that is COVID-19 related STBC for approval.

V. Fall General Council Meeting

o STBC has scheduled November 5th 2020 as the date for the upcoming Fall General Council meeting. STBC is reaching out for membership opinions on having our meeting in-person or via GoToWebinar