Boys and Girls Club and School Work

Wellpinit BGC set aside a time slot for kids that attend our club for school work. Beginning September 8 (Tues) Monday through Thursday 9:00am to 10:30am kids will be doing school work whether it be hard packets or internet. Also kids that have zoom meetings with their teachers throughout the day will be able to access from their chrome books here at our club. Chrome Books are for school use only.

I sent out an email to Wellpinit HS/MS principals Laina Phillips and Kim Ewing to see if any teachers at WSD that want to take the time to attend in that time frame to contact me to make arrangement.

If any teachers take advantage of this program they will be subjected to;

Have temperature taken at the front door
Wash hands after temperature is taken
Wear a face covering in the building at all times (No Face Shields)
Each teacher will be assigned a room/area to conduct teaching
BGC will provide hand sanitizer at each room/area
Practice social distancing (6 feet apart)
Small groups per teacher, 6 kids plus 1 teacher
After sessions, staff will sanitize room/area
Kids and staff will be required to wash hands after sessions

Times are tough with the start of school in our area. With DISTANCE LEARNING, we here at Wellpinit BGC will do our best to work with surrounding school districts to enable your child that attends this club with EDUCATION in a safe manner.

We are capable to take 60 individuals in our building at one time. Which will be broke down to; 9 staff and 51 kids. On days that we may have some teachers here, I will adjust times for our staff in the building to meet the number of 60.

We are at this time receiving 20-22 kids per day.

If you have any questions and want answers please feel free to contact Tina Solomon, Program Manager, 509-258-4822 (office) or myself.
Just saying if you contact any other staff member, that staff member will advise you to contact us anyhow.

Billy Flett Sr
Wellpinit BGC
Unit Director
509-258-4804 (office)
or FB Messenger