Behavioral Health

Addiction treatment and mental health care at HHS lets us walk a little further with you on your journey to a new life in wellness.

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The New Team at Behavioral Health Values the meaning of Confidentiality

Our counselors are here to assist Spokane Tribal and Community members, and others, by addressing the emotional, physical and cultural needs of individuals, through educational, training and wellness programs.

Clients are seen for issues relating to depression, anxiety, loneliness, domestic violence, loss, grief, suicide prevention, sexual assault, child abuse, emotional crisis, gambling and much more. All of our clients are handled with strict confidentiality and care.


Adults and Youth Services

Assessment & Referral

-Using the most current methods


-Level of care focused on education

Continuing Care

-Teaching skills to maintain abstinence

Group Therapy

-Empathy & Support is fostered through caring group interaction

Family Treatment Services

-Provided according to individual family needs

Individualized Counseling

-Confidential, supportive and appropriate to each person’s needs

Relapse Prevention Strategy

-Provides guides for self-evaluation,

Personal improvement and instruction to aid relapse-prone persons.

Youth Treatment- A critical time for preventing alcohol and drug addiction

Early use of alcohol and drugs increases a person’s chances for more serious alcohol and drug abuse or addiction. Alcohol and drugs changes brain chemistry—lead to addiction and other serious problems critical to motivation, memory, learning, judgment, and behavior control.

Teens who abuse alcohol and other drugs often have family and school problems, poor academic performance, health-related problems (including mental health), and involvement with the juvenile justice system.


Adult Treatment

 Getting an addicted person to stop abusing alcohol or drugs is just one part of a long and complex recovery process. The goal of treatment is to return people to productive lives.



Meetings between a consumer and a mental health professional designed to ease or reduce the symptoms associated with the consumer's mental health issues or associated behavioral problems.

Treatment plan development, review, and modification

The development of a plan to deliver specific mental health services based on the needs identified in the mental health assessment.




One of the most important things to remember about mental illness is this: people can and do recover. If you have a friend with mental illness, or if you have a mental illness yourself, remember that recovery is possible. Reach out to those around you with compassion, empathy, and understanding.


This program allows Spokane Tribal members, members of other Native American tribes and the community as a whole to learn and grow in a positive environment that encourages individual development.


“Before you can achieve anything in life, you need to envision it. What do you want out of life — who and where do you want to be? Don’t be afraid to reach for more than you think you can achieve.”



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