August Health and Wellness Challenge


This month I decided we should honor our Mental Health, especially during these COVID times. We need to check up on our own state of mind, on our elders, family members, our communities members, and especially our children.

Challenge 1 is the mile challenge. Tracking how many miles you do a day. (You can check your phone app or fitbit or I have new limited step counters.) You can write down your miles everyday.

Challenge 2 is the Self-Care challenge. The instructions are on the green ribbon page. You do something for yourself each day, add in a family member or elder. You can call to check up on people, lend a hand if someone is quarantine and needed water dropped off on their porch. The goal is to have a colorful sheet and I encourage you all to self-care for yourself at the least. Many times, we forget our own self-care because we are busy caring for our families.

The catch, is if you participate in BOTH. Your name will be raffled into the gift card drawings each week. If you only do one, you will not be entered.

If you choose to only do one challenge, you will still earn an incentive regardless! We are all about incentives for people who participate!!!!!!!!!

These will begin on AUGUST 1st!