Council Updates 11/12/2020

Council Updates
Spokane Tribal Secretary Elect Tiger Peone – łip̓smyéw
Office-509.458.6511 Cell-509.994.6960

x̣est sx̣l̓x̣al̓t pecyáʔ

Good Day Fellow Spokane Tribal Members,

Active Boards, Commissions & Committees

TERO Commission/3-yr terms/2 alternate members needed
STICWAC/4 regular members & 1 alternate member needed
Wildlife Committee/3-yr terms/1 regular member needed
Enterprise Board/4-yr terms/no current vacancies
Health Board/no vacancies
SIHA Board/3-yr terms/no current vacancies
JOM/1 regular member needed
Election Committee/no current vacancies
Enrollment/3-yr terms/1 regular member needed

Please submit your LOI (Letter of Interest) detailing your background, experience and knowledge, as applicable. Most have staggered terms through July 31st of each year, and as they near expiration the positions are posted and all eligible applications received are considered by Council.
 Duties, responsibilities and requirements for each committee will be provided upon request.
 Spokane Tribal employees seeking consideration must also provide written approval from their direct supervisor and acknowledge the STOI policy for serving on committees.
 LOI’s should be submitted to the Council offices at the Admin Building or by email to