2021 Step Challenge

Walk into January

Submit # of steps on the following Fridays:

1/8, 1/15, 1/22, 1/29   

Ycan submit on Facebook to facebook.com/stoihealthandwellness or email to me m.carroll@spokanetribe.com!

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Most like to submit at the end of the day for total # of steps.

You can track Saturday-Friday (use your Fitbit or smart watch to go back and see the total # of steps per day) or M-Friday. Or, however you want honestly… It’s up to you. To  win the BIG prizes at end of the month Saturday-Friday would be best!!!

Weekly drawing for challenge incentive winners are not based on total number — it is for participation only. Youth & adult.

Winners to be announced on FB as a group & notified by me through email the following Monday after submission date or however the submitted data was turned in (email, FB etc).

End of month drawing will be for top 5 steppers in Youth & Adult categories.

Flier is attached! Please join this 2021 Step Challenge!