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2-10 Yard Dump Trucks w/Turbo Snow Plow & 10 Yard Sander EXTENDED

Click for entire RFB: RFB21-039 Roads Dump Trucks (Reposting) EXTENDED

The SPOKANE TRIBE OF INDIANS (Spokane Tribe, STOI, Tribe) is requesting proposals from reasonable, responsive, responsible, vendors with the ability to supply a “2-10 Yard Dump Trucks.”



10 Yard Sander

Turbo Snow Plow

Quantity- 2

Horsepower- 505hp

Ratio- 3.79

Condition- New

Transmission- Automated

Suspension- Hendrickson HMX460

Overdrive– Yes

Cab– Standard Cab

Front Axle Weight- 18,000 lb.

Tarp- Yes

Transmission Type- mDrive

Lift Axle- Yes

Drive Side- Left Hand Drive

Fuel Capacity- 117 gal

Drive- 8×4

Tarp Type- Electric

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating– Class 8: 33,001 pounds or greater

Dump Capacity- 0.61 cu yd.

More specs in entire RFB