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fax: 509-258-8883
PO Box 100
Wellpinit, WA. 99040 

News & Updates from the Spokane Tribe Senior Center

The 21st Annual Elders Luncheon is approaching quickly. It is ion the calendar for Thursday May 4th, 2017 @ the Wellpinit High School Gymnasium. We are always looking for volunteers for this event. If you can help we would sure appreciate it. We are also seeking items for BINGO, Door Prizes and Raffle items. If you would like to contribute please stop by the Senior Center.

We want you to know that we appreciate the support/help we have received from you throughout the years. With that said some individuals take charge of tasks and are not able to follow through due to various reasons beyond their control and our control. We are working to fi this nd continue to strive for success.

We would like to welcome Jamie Pascal to the Senior Staff. Jamie is the Assistant Cook/Delivery Driver for the Senior Program.

We have seen the notices in the Rawhide, on the TV and on the internet anout SCAMS that are going around via phone, e-mail, snail mail, etc... Please remember that if it's to good to be true its most likely a SCAM. Do your research before giving anyone your personal information or money!

If the person delivering your meals does not feel comfortable driving through your driveway because of the snow/mud you will be notified via phone.

Nora Flett and Ed Hughes will be at the Senior Center every Tuesday and Wednesday at 11 am- 12 pm. to do Elder friendly exercises. We have a small group who that is growing and there always room for more. The Stay Active and Independent for Life (S.A.I.L) exercise classes are great. There is support and a lot of laughter during this time. You are encouraged to attend and be active with peers. 

Still trying to find interested individuals!!! There is an Elder who would like to get an interested group of Elders together to start having jam sessions (music) & card games at the Senior Center. If you are interested please let us know so we can get some jam sessions and card games going. Come to the Senior Center and have a cup of coffee and visit and catch up with friends and share some stories with one another.

Staff from St. Luke's Rehabilitation Center will be at the Senior Center to talk to Elders about Senior Safety in the home and Elder Friendly exercises - 1pm - 3pm, please call the Senior Center if you have any questions. Every month we will be having similar meetings, at this time we do not have a schedule but are working to get the dates and times confirmed so that we can share them with you. Please call the Senior Center if you have questions or Nora Flett at 258-7502.

Meals are served at 12pm Tuesday thru Friday at the Senior Center unless otherwise noted. The delivery drivers leave the Senior Center between 9:30am - 10:30am. If you are not going to be home please call the Senior Center before 9am to have your meal canceled for the day.

Thank You to everyone who does call in and/or tells the delivery driver in advance when you will not be home for your meal. This really does help with the morning prep work. Thank You again!

Are you interested in becoming involved with the Elders in our community? If so, please stop by the Senior Center and inquire about becoming a part of the Elder Advisory Committee. This committee meets once a month every 2nd Tuesday 10am @ the Senior Center. Unless noted otherwise.

Tuesdays are scheduled craft days but feel free to come to the Senior Center daily to work on crafts. A lot of material has been donated and there are sewing machines available to use.


                         *ACTIVITY SCHEDULE*

Wednesday 5/3/17 - Meals will not be served or delivered today. Preparing for the Elders Luncheon

Thursday 5/4/17 - 21st Annual Elders Luncheon @ the Wellpinit High School Gymnasium, meals will not be delivered today

Tuesday 5/9/17 - SAIL Exercise 11am-12pm

Wednesday 5/10/17 - SAIL Exercise 11am-12pm

Tuesday 5/16/17 - SAIL Exercise 11am-12pm

Wednesday 5/17/17 - SAIL Exercise 11am-12pm

Thursday 5/18/17 - Yakima Nation Elders Dinner  - Leave the Senior Center @ 6am

Friday 5/19/17 - Colville Tribe Elders Dinner in Omak - Leave the Senior Center @ 6am

Tuesday 5/23/17 - SAIL Exercise 11am-12pm

Wednesday 5/24/17 - SAIL Exercise 11am-12pm

Monday 5/29/17 - Senior Center Closed ~ Memorial Day

Tuesday 5/30/17 - No Meals Today - Staff Grocery Shopping

Wednesday 5/31/17 - SAIL Exercise 11am-12pm

Thursday 6/1/17 - BINGO after lunch

Friday 6/2/17 - Nez Perce Elders Dinner - Leave the Senior Center @ 6am




                                         *PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE*

The Public Health Nurse stops by the Senior Center on Tuesdays to check blood pressures and oxygen levels. She is usually here from 11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. if you would like to stop by and see her.

~~~~~Please note that if meals will not be delivered or served at the Senior Center, activities usually scheduled for that day will be canceled as well!!!~~~~~


*If you are not going to be home please call the Senior Center before 9:00 a.m. to have your meal canceled for the day.


Senior Program Menu

All Meals will be served with Milk
Menu subject to change.


Mon.5/8/17 Tues. 5/9/17 Wed. 5/10/17 Thurs. 5/11/17 Fri. 5/12/17

No Meals Today

French Toast, Hash Browns, Sausage, & Fruit Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy, Veggie & Fruit Chicken Tetrazzini, Veggie, Fruit & Dessert Beef Stew, Roll & Fruit
Mon. 5/15/17 Tues. 5/16/17 Wed. 5/17/17 Thurs. 5/18/17 Fri. 5/19/17
No Meals Today BLT Sandwich, Macaroni Salad, Chips & Fruit Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy, Veggie, Fruit & Pudding

Yakima Nation Elders Luncheon - Leave the Senior Center @ 6am - No Meals Today

Colville Tribe Elders Dinner in Okanogan - Leave the Senior Center @ 6am - No Meals Today
Mon. 5/22/17 Tues. 5/23/17  Wed. 5/24/17 Thurs. 5/25/17 Fri. 5/26/17
No Meals Today Pork Chops, Stuffing, Veggie, Fruit & Jell-O Chicken Strips, Mac & Cheese, Veggie & Fruit Kalispel Elders Luncheon - Leave Senior Center @ 9am - No Meals Today Bow Tie Spinach Salad, Turkey Sandwich & Fruit
Mon. 5/29/17 Tues. 5/30/17 Wed. 5/31/17 Thurs. 6/1/17 Fri. 6/2/17
Senior Center Closed - Memorial Day No Meals Today - Grocery Shopping

Tomato Soup, Ham & Cheese Sticks, Fruit & Dessert


Hamburger Goulash, Veggie, Fruit & Pudding

Nez Perce Elders Day - Leave Senior Center @ 6am - No Meals Today
Mon.6/5/17 Tues. 6/6/17 Wed. 6/7/17 Thurs. 6/8/17 Fri. 6/9/17

No Meals Today

Chicken Rice Bake, Veggie, Fruit & Dessert Hamburger Gravy over Mashed Potatoes, Veggie, Fruit & Jell-O Tater Tot Casserole w/ Veggies & Fruit Pasta Salad, Ham & Cheese Sandwich, & Fruit
Mon. 6/12/17 Tues. 6/13/17 Wed. 6/14/17 Thurs. 6/15/17 Fri. 6/16/17

No Meals Today


Chef Salad, Garlic Toast, Fruit & Pudding

Leave for Tulalip @ 11am from the Senior Center - No Meals Today

Tulalip Elders Dinner - Mo Meals Today

Deli Sandwich, Chips & Fruit