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fax: 509-258-8883
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Wellpinit, WA. 99040 

News & Updates from the Spokane Tribe Senior Center

ACL/ICF was at the Senior Center 5-22 & 5-23-18 for the Title VI Program Evaluation. The Evaluation will help ACL (Administration for Community Living), to learn more about how different tribes organize and manage their Title VI programs and better understand how the programs are improving the lives of the older Native American, Alaskan Native, and Native Hawaiian populations. Thank You to those who participated in the Focus Group interviews and phone interviews. Stacy & Elizabeth shared with Senior Program staff how appreciative people are for the meals and knowing someone will be stopping by to check on them.

The Senior Program/Elders have been traveling to Elders Luncheons. We have made it to the Colville's in Nespelem and Yakama Nations in Toppenish with more on the calendar. Stop by the Senior Center to see where we will be going next....

The Elders Houseboat Day is scheduled for Wednesday July 18, 2018. Vans will leave the Senior Center at 8am. We plan on leaving Two Rivers Marina at 9am. Please sign up at the Senior Center if you would like to join us.

Chewelah Casino Marketing Manager, Helen Hayes has reached out to the Senior Program to help get the word out about their outdoor BBQ on Saturday July 21, 2018, 12pm-8pm at the Chewelah Casino site. She is asking that people RSVP so they know how much food to prepare. There is a sign up sheet at the Senior Center and possibly transportation provided, depending on the need. For more information about this event please call the Senior Center, 258-7129 or 1-800-789-9102.

The week of August 13-17, 2018 the Senior Center will be closed. Staff will be attending the Annual Title VI conference.

Senior Program Staff have been and will continue to work on a phone book listing local, county ans state phone numbers that you may need. If you would like a copy of these numbers call the Senior Center and we will get a copy to you. 258-7129 or 1-800-789-9102. We have been receiving calls requesting that we have put together. This is an on-going project that requires monitoring and regular updating. We also received feedback asking to include some numbers from neighboring communities, so we did. This book is a living document that keeps growing.

The children of the Sun Prevention Coalition will be hosting monthly meetings (usually the 4th Thursday of the month) at the Senior Center on various topics. Next meeting June 28th, 2018 @ 1pm. We hope to see you there!

The Senior Program purchased magnetic signs for the delivery vans. They say Spokane Tribal Elders. If you happen to come across one or three of them, please return to the Senior Center. Thank You!

Nora Flett is at the Senior Center every Tuesday & Wednesday from 11am-12pm for Elder Friendly Exercises. The small group is growing but there is always room for more. The Stay Active and Independent for Life (SAIL) exercise classes are great. There is support and a lot of laughter during this time. You are encouraged to attend and be active with peers. 

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Nurses Aid (CNA)? Call the Senior Center for more information. Good Job to those who have went through this course and received a certificate.

Meals are served at 12pm Tuesday thru Friday at the Senior Center unless otherwise noted. The delivery drivers leave the Senior Center between 9;30am - 10;30am. If you are not going to be home, please call the Senior Center before 9am to have your meal cancelled for the day.

Thank You to everyone who calls in and/or tells the delivery driver in advance when you will not be home for your meal. This really does help with the morning prep work. Thank You again! One phone call or you letting your driver know you won't be home does make a difference in the morning prep work. Thank You!

Are you interested in becoming involved with the Elders in our community? If so, please stop by the Senior Center and inquire about becoming a part of the Elder Advisory Committee. This committee meets once a month, every 2nd Tuesday at the Senior Center at 10am. Unless noted otherwise.

Tuesdays are scheduled craft days but feel free to come to the Senior Center daily to work on crafts. There are sewing machines available to use and tables have been set up to lay material on so that it can lay flat without having to rearrange or get up and down from the floor. This is for our Elders use and there are people who want to learn and have asked if there is anyone willing to teach them how to make a quilt or to just sew something. Update: A group of ladies have been using the craft room on Tuesdays to make knitted hats for children in the hospital and another lady used the craft room to finish her beautiful quilt's.

Still trying to find interested individuals!!! There is an Elder who would like to get an interested group of Elders together to start having jam sessions (music) & card games at the Senior Center. If you are interested please let us know so we can get some jam sessions and card games going. Come to the Senior Center and have a cup of coffee and visit and catch up with friends and share some stories with one another.



                         *ACTIVITY SCHEDULE*   

Monday 6/4/18 - Elders Shopping Day, leave Senior Center @ 9am

Tuesday 6/5/18 - SAIL Exercise 11am-12pm, Craft Day, Head Start 3 yr Old Celebration 12pm @ Head Start

Wednesday 6/6/18 - SAIL Exercise 11am-12pm, Head Start 4 yr Old Celebration 6pm @ Community Center in Wellpinit

Thursday 6/7/18 - Head Start Pow Wow, @ the Pow Wow Grounds - 11am, Wellpinit K-12 Picnic @ WHS 11am-2pm, Wellpinit Kindergarten Promotion 5pm @ Wellpinit Elementary

Friday 6/8/18 - Nez Perce Elders Luncheon, leave Senior Center @ 6am

Tuesday 6/12/18 - SAIL Exercise 11am-12pm, Craft Day, EAC Meeting 10am

Wednesday 6/13/18 - SAIL Exercise 11am-12pm

Thursday 6/14/18 - BINGO after lunch, Housing Fair 10am-2pm

Sunday 6/17/18 - Father's Day

Tuesday 6/19/18 - SAIL Exercise 11am-12pm, Craft Day

Wednesday 6/20/18 - SAIL Exercise 11am-12pm

Thursday 6/21/18 - Kalispel Elders Luncheon @ NQRC - leave Senior Center @ 9am, Tribal Collaboration-Opioid Crisis, Community Drug Briefing 9am-4pm @ WHS

Monday-Thursday 6/25-28/18 - Culture Week at the Pow Wow Grounds in Wellpinit, watch for fliers. Please call Language Office for more information 258-4222.

Wednesday 7/4/18 - Independence Day, Senior Center Closed

Thursday 7/5/18 - No Meals from the Senior Center today.

Friday 7/6/18 - No Meals from the Senior Center today.


****We apologize if this information does not reach you before the listed dates of events. We send out notices in lunches and ask those who receive them them to pass the word on. We all know how word of mouth travels!                                                                                            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Adult Protective Services (APS) - Defintion

In the United States, Adult Protective Services (APS) are social services provided to abused, neglected, or exploited older adults and adults with significant disabilities. APS is typically administered by local or state health, aging, or regulatory departments and includes a multidisciplinary approach to helping older adults, and younger adults with disabilities, who are victims. Services range from the initial investigation of mistreatment, to health and supportive services legal interventions, up to and including the appointment of surrogate decision-makers such as legal guardians. While some states provide adult protective services to older adults only, as in Ohio where the PS law applies to those 60 and older, most serve adults with disabilities over the age of 18 who meet the state's definition of "vulnerable." Disabilities may be due to aging, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, mental illness or cognitive impairments. Forms of abuse include physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse as well as financial exploitation. "Neglect" can be perpetrated by any caregiver who has accepted the responsibility of assisting an older person or an adult with disabilities.  Most states include self-neglect in their definitions of those needing adult protective services. Self-neglect refers to a person who is unable to care for himself or herself due to physical or cognitive impairments.                                                                                                               In-Take Line: 1-800-459-0421



                                         *PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE*

The Public Health Nurse stops by the Senior Center on Tuesdays to check blood pressures and oxygen levels. She is usually here from 11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. if you would like to stop by and see her.

~~~~~Please note that if meals will not be delivered or served at the Senior Center, activities usually scheduled for that day will be canceled as well!!!~~~~~


*If you are not going to be home please call the Senior Center before 9:00 a.m. to have your meal canceled for the day.


Senior Program Menu

All Meals will be served with Milk
Menu subject to change.


Mon. 5/28/18 Tues. 5/29/18 Wed. 5/30/18 Thurs. 5/31/18 Fri. 6/1/18

Senior Center Closed - Memorial Day

No Lunches Today - Staff Grocery Shopping Tater Tot Casserole w/ Veggies, Dinner Roll, Fruit & Jell-O Chili & Cheese over Baked Potato, Cole Slaw, Dessert & Fruit Chicken Club Pasta Salad, Ham & Cheese Sandwich & Fruit
Mon. 6/4/18 Tues. 6/5/18 Wed. 6/6/18 Thurs. 6/7/18 Fri. 6/8/18
No Meals Today Bagel, Yogurt, Wheat Toast, & Hard Boiled Egg Broccoli Beef over Rice, Carrots, Dinner Roll & Fruit Chicken Bowl w/ Mashed Potatoes, Corn & Gravy, Fruit & Dessert Nez Perce Elders Day - No Meals from Senior Center
Mon. 6/11/18 Tues. 6/12/18 Wed. 6/13/18 Thurs. 6/14/18 Fri. 6/15/18
No Meals Today Sausage Gravy over Biscuits, Hard Boiled Egg, & Fruit Spaghetti w/ Hamburger Sauce, Veggie, Garlic Bread & Fruit French Dip w/ Swiss Cheese, AuJus Dip, Jo-Jo's, Fruit & Dessert Shepard's Pie w/ Veggies, Fruit & Dessert
Mon. 6/18/18 Tues. 6/19/18 Wed. 6/20/18 Thurs. 6/21/18 Fri. 6/22/18
No Meals Today French Toast, Hash Browns, Sausage & Fruit Chicken Alfredo, Bread Sticks, Veggie & Fruit Kalispel Elders Luncheon - No Meals from Senior Center Deli Sandwich, Fresh Veggies, Chips & Fruit
Mon. 6/25/18 Tues. 6/26/18 Wed. 6/27/18 Thurs. 6/28/18 Fri. 6/29/18

No Meals Today

Frank's Breakfast Casserole, Whole Wheat Toast & Fruit Pork Chop, Macaroni Salad, Pork & Beans, Veggie & Fruit Bees Stew, Fry Bread, Fruit & Dessert Stuffed Tomato w/ Tuna Fish, Cheese Stick, & Fruit
Mon. 4/2/18 Tues. 4/3/18 Wed. 4/4/18 Thurs. 4/5/18 Fri. 4/6/18
No Meals Today Frank's Breakfast Casserole, Wheat Toast, Fruit Senior Center Closed - Independence Day - No Lunches Today No Lunches at Senior Center - Enjoy the Firework Show @ -----> Two Rivers Saturday - July 7th, 2018 @ Dusk!!!