HR is here to help the Spokane Tribe of Indians government function.  Part of our duties include hiring – finding the best candidate for the position.

First, it’s important to state that HR is obligated to interview those who meet minimum qualifications in order of preference (depending on funding source of the position).  This means that we can only take into consideration what you submit to HR to be considered.  We cannot fill in any blanks nor can we assume anything. 

The most common reason people are screened out is due to an incomplete application and/or not submitting all necessary paperwork that identifies the entire spectrum of your work history. 

Here’s some tips to assist in your quest to become a successful candidate:

  • Completely fill out your job application: Don’t leave any blanks.  List dates, months, contact information, duties, etc. Be thorough! 
  • Each job announcement has a section titled “Minimum Qualifications”.  We compare the application, resume, cover letter of each applicant and compare what they submitted to what is listed as Minimum Qualifications in the job announcement.  So be thorough in your documents. 
  • Always submit a cover letter.  The purpose of a cover letter is to sell yourself.  It gives you a chance to specifically identify how you meet the minimum qualifications.
  • It’s good practice to submit a resume.  There is limited space on the application to identify all relevant work history.  Be sure to identify your duties fully in your resume and on your application. 
    • Some people will have different versions of a resume that are tailored to certain jobs.  Then, they submit the one that best fits the position.
    • Other people will have one long resume that identifies their entire work history.  They submit it every time.
    • Whatever way you choose to draft your resume, just be sure it is thorough by covering dates, duties, job titles, etc.

Remember – Submit a thorough application, resume, and a cover letter.  A well written cover letter will summarize how you meet the minimum requirements and how you are an excellent candidate for a position.  A resume will provide you more space to display your work history and all pertinent job duties that you were tasked with that may relate to the position.  

On behalf of the Human Resources Department, we wish you the best of luck!


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