Vacancy Ann. # STOI-17-042
Rate of Pay $15.00 - $16.00 PER HOUR
Opening Date MAY 5, 2017
Closing Date MAY 19, 2017


This position is a working leader of hand crews, engine crews, prescribed fire crews, work projects or tasks. The purpose of this rigorous position is wildland fire suppression/management/control as a leader of two or more crewmembers.  Other wildland fire related duties will involve performing and leading crews in fire preparedness, prevention, monitoring, hazard reduction or fuels/forest management work.  The incumbent will be assigned as a working leader for varying periods of time to one or more types of projects or tasks within the wildfire program.  This is an arduous position and subject to medical screening and physical fitness testing. 


  • Performs individually or leads crew(s) in wildland fire suppression, fire prevention, preparedness, detection, resource rehabilitation, mobilization (step-up), prescribed fire, and training programs.  Serves as a leader of an engine crew, hand crew or prescribed fire crew of three or more firefighters.  May also lead additional technicians and detailers.  Distributes and controls work assignments among employees; assures timely accomplishment of assigned tasks; maintains work notes and records; makes reports on work accomplishments; ensures that the work is carried out safely; reports on performance problems and issues.
  • Instructs crewmembers in specific tasks and techniques and conducts on-the-job training.  Trains by demonstrating skills in use of hand and power tools, pumps, hoses, chemicals, and hydraulic systems.  Observes, corrects, and evaluates crew skills. Explains fire behavior characteristics, safety regulations, and work procedures.
  • Instructs and directs technicians in fighting wildfires and fire program support operations.  Makes work assignments; schedules personnel; provides instructions or training; monitors work in progress; insures equipment and materials are available; resolves problems encountered; and reports to the supervisor about the work, personnel, and problems encountered. 
  • Operates a wildland fire engine, positioning the engine for proper use of hose-lays.  Directs others in operation and use of engine equipment and provides on-the-job instruction to other technicians.  Inspects, services and adjusts fire engines including the pump, water lines, tank and reel.  Keeps the engine in full state of readiness for emergency fire dispatch.
  • Directs and performs wildland fire suppression efforts in initial attack to safely and effectively control wildland fires in accordance with the identified appropriate management response.  Serves as Initial Attack Incident Commander/Type 5 Incident Commander (ICT5) and may also perform Incident Command on extended attack.
  • May research fire literature and provide applicable information for fire management programs.  Implements fire effects monitoring system by establishing and monitoring index plots in a variety of fuel/vegetation types, and training others to do the same.  Enters and trains others in entry of data into computer analysis programs.


The secondary purpose of the positions is to assist Fuels Management and Forest Development section with treatment projects as needed. The incumbent assists staff with unit layout and administration of fuels/forestry treatment contracts. They also provide staff with necessary field and map information to prepare forest work contracts.

  • Assisting staff in identifying and setting up treatment units in a wildland or urban setting. Assists in the field with flagging, tagging and general mapping of areas to be treated.
  • Uses GPS to collect, correct and create files for forestry projects and to correctly locate property lines and corners.
  • Uses Arcview via tribal intranet to create contract maps and to determine acreage for various forestry projects.
  • Serves as project leader on less complicated forestry projects;
  • Assists seasonal crew in order to accomplish thinning and chipping of wildland fuels. This could include operating a chipper, utilizing chainsaws and piling slash.
  • Assists staff with posting bid opening advertisements and preparing bid packets.
  • Assists staff with contract administration. Completes inspection forms and prepares invoices as appropriate.
  • Assists resource professionals in field survey efforts such as fuel inventories, fire effects data collection and stocking surveys.
  • Serves as Firefighter Type 1 (FFT1), Engine Boss (ENGB), Firing Boss (FIRB), Holding Boss (HOLB) and working or qualified as a Type 3 Burn Boss (RXB3) on prescribed fires.
  • Independently operates a tractor, rayco, chipper or similar equipment and maintains such equipment.
  • Must be able to give and receive constructive criticism from supervisors and other staff.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Knowledge of strategies, tactics, and suppression methods used in containment and control of wildfires and wildland fires in order to relay assignments to crew members, accurately evaluate rapidly changing fire circumstances, determine when/if additional resources may be needed, or determine when circumstances warrant withdrawal of crew to safe location.
  • Working knowledge of fire behavior including causes of fire, influence of temperature, humidity, wind, topography, slope and fuel moisture conditions, and fuels in order to know where to attach the fire, build fire line and where to be positioned to manage a wildland fire.
  • Detailed knowledge of the methods and procedures associated with wildland fire suppression and management to resolve a full range of irregular or problem situations when suppressing wildland fires.  Certification as ICT4 is required.
  • Ability to perform duties under stressful and adverse operating conditions, such as long work hours, heavy workloads, emergency situations, adverse working and environmental conditions.
  • Knowledge of agency and interagency qualifications, position task book requirements and certification standards and procedures adopted by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group.
  • Knowledge of Tribal and ICS reporting requirements and procedures.
  • Oral and written communication skills sufficient to effectively interact with people at all levels, internal and external to the organization, including the public.
  • Detailed knowledge of methods and procedures associated with wildland fire suppression and management to resolve a full range of irregular or problem situations when suppressing wildland fires.
  • Specific technical firefighting knowledge such as, but not limited to, fire engine and pump operations, handcrew operations to enable incumbent to function in assigned capacities and to instruct or lead others in those duties as necessary.
  • Ability to operate pumping mechanisms and determine proper hoselays to effectively accomplish appropriate fire management activities.
  • Experience with collection, retrieval, correction, and storage of GPS data in GIS.


  • Must have a minimum of three fire seasons firefighting experience.
  • Must be red card qualified as an Engine Boss
  • Ability to pass a Department of Interior Medical Standards Exam required
  • Must be able to complete a Work Capacity test for Arduous Fire Fighter
  • Annual refresher firefighter training class required
  • Must have a valid Washington state driver’s license and be Tribally insurable.
  • Must demonstrate proficiency at a Fire/Forestry Technician Level 2.
  • Ability to perform duties under stressful and adverse operating conditions, such as long work hours, heavy workloads, emergency situations, adverse working and environmental conditions.

Applications are available at the Tribal Human Resource Department or can be downloaded at www.spokanetribe.com

Contact: Sabrina McCoy or Geraldine Abrahamson

P.O. Box 206 Wellpinit, WA 99040

509-458-6583 or 458-6527 Fax: 509-458-6556

E-mail: sabrina.mccoy@SpokaneTribe.com or hrfrontdesk@spokanetribe.com

Applications must be received in the Human Resource Department

no later than 4:30 p.m. on the closing date.

The Spokane Tribe reserves the right to hire according to its Indian Preference Policy

All Applicants are subject to a Pre-Employment Drug Test

All Positions with the Spokane tribe of Indians are subject to a 90-day orientation period