Vacancy Ann. # STOI-18-180
Rate of Pay $26.00 - $30.00 PER HOUR
Opening Date AUGUST 29, 2018
Closing Date SEPTEMBER 29, 2018


The Fisheries Biologist III position will provide direct oversight for the Spokane Tribal Fisheries,Lake Roosevelt Fisheries Evaluation Program and Northern Pike Suppression and Monitoring Program. The position will assist the Fisheries Program Manager with carrying out the mission of the Department. Specific activities include leading the Lake Roosevelt angler creel survey, general fishery monitoring, Northern Pike suppression, monitoring, and outreach, summer youth mentorship, Fall Walleye Index Netting (FWIN), acoustic receiver array maintenance, and collecting data to inform husbandry and release strategies of the Spokane Tribal Hatchery (BPA Project #1991-046) and Rainbow Trout Net Pen Program (BPA Project #1995-009). The position will lead the day-to-day coordination of the projects described above. The position will be responsible for the quality and accuracy of all data collected and disseminated. The position will lead generation of annual reports, grants, manuscripts, and public presentations on behalf of the Department. The position will lead a diverse team of Biologists and Technicians, provide oversight of equipment maintenance and procurement, and will effectively delegate duties to meet project objectives and deadlines. The position will be required to regularly represent the Department on regional technical teams, committees, at meetings, and in the media. Knowledge and experience in fisheries management, reservoir management, and staff management are required for this position. Additional job duties include assisting with other Department activities including, but not limited to; fieldwork, community engagement and outreach, and assisting Program Biologists and Manager with the development of fishery management recommendations. This position is a “safety sensitive” position.

Required Materials to be Submitted:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Two writing samples (publications, thesis, abstract, technical report, etc.)
  • Spokane Tribe Employment Application, with References (3 individuals).


  • Supervise Fishery Biologist I/II and Fisheries Technicians.
  • Assist program manager with preparation of yearly staff reviews.
  • Assist program manager with the design and implementation of annual angler creel and fisheries surveys and research using appropriate data collection methodologies. Delegate appropriate activities to Fisheries Biologist I and Fisheries Technicians.
  • Co-author the annual reports, supplementary white papers, and articles for publication.  Present findings at public meetings and professional society/organization meetings.
  • Develops program reports, including annual reports, monthly reports, travel expense reports, program summary reports, and other reports requested by manager, or as deemed appropriate.
  • Provide leadership to Professional and tech staff, including training of laboratory analyses and field techniques through participation in and oversight of field surveys and laboratory analyses.
  • Coordinate the design and implementation of annual fisheries research and monitoring using appropriate data collection and handling methodologies. 
  • Oversee the coordination of data management for fisheries projects with broader data management activities in the region (includes but is not limited to juvenile and adult population assessments, early life history assessments, hatchery fish collection and release information, PIT tagging data, genetics data, and general monitoring data).
  • Oversee the Columbia River fisheries management action development and coordination; including participation in meetings with co-managers and other researchers on the reservoir and the upper Columbia River, as well as assistance with writing management plans and guiding documents.
  • Coordinate with and assist with efforts at Spokane Tribal Hatchery and assist manager in navigating the AADAP INAD process, egg sourcing, and with evaluating emerging hatchery technologies. 
  • Develop yearly budget and statement or work for intergovernmental contracts with Bonneville Power Administration (BPA).
  • Develop and prepare additional funding packages from alternate funding and grant opportunities.
  • Represent the Tribe and participate in regional and national workgroup and research panels.
  • Maintain maintenance and records on all vehicles and vessels.
  • Provides professional technical representation by attending and/or presenting at various seminars, workshops, meetings, and/or committees related to the recovery program.
  • Assists in coordinating, communicating, and transferring information concerning the program to
  • Tribal government, Tribal membership, state, federal, and tribal affiliations, as well as private landowners and the public.
  • Coordinates program activities with other Department programs to avoid duplications and  improve efficiency as deemed appropriate.
  • Monitors and evaluates program performance and accomplishments; assesses overall effectiveness and efficiency, of project and project staff.
  • Assisting the Department of Natural Resources Director and Fisheries Manager in the development and implementation of the Fisheries program to benefit the Tribe.


  •  Published peer reviewed scientific articles in fisheries management or related field
  •  Over five years demonstrated experience with fisheries monitoring survey methodologies   (gill net, boat electrofishing, fyke net, beach seine, etc.) and data analysis
  •  Demonstrated staff and field leadership experience
  •  Extensive boating experience and safety training (boating safety certifications)
  •  Demonstrated familiarity with angler creel survey design and implementation
  •  Demonstrated experience marking and tagging fish, tracking, and interpreting telemetry   data
  •  Familiarity with dynamic flood control reservoir environments and the Federal Columbia   River Power System
  •  Familiarity working in a co-management setting
  •  Knowledge and capacity to develop and lead fisheries monitoring surveys. Must   demonstrate a strong background in field survey and research methods, data analysis, and   statistics
  •  Demonstrated familiarity with R, ArcGIS, and SigmaPlot
  •  Demonstrated ability (or willingness to learn how) to safely operate research vessels in a   dynamic flood control reservoir
  •  Demonstrated ability to coordinate and work effectively with diverse co-workers, project   partners, and public outreach organizations
  •  Demonstrated ability to maintain self, crew, and equipment safety at all times by following   established SOPs, communicating clearly, and using best professional judgement
  •  Demonstrated ability (or willingness to learn) to drive 1-ton pickup trucks trailering over   8,000 lbs  


  •    A valid Washington Driver’s License and must be eligible for the Tribe’s vehicle insurance
  •    M.S. Degree in Fisheries Management or related field
  •    Demonstrated supervisory/management experience (3 years)
  •    Must have (or ability to attain) a Washington Boater Education Card
  •    Must demonstrate strong written and verbal communication skills (include two examples     of scientific writing, e.g. peer reviewed articles, abstracts, thesis, technical reports)
  •    Must be proficient with MS Office Suite
  •    Must be willing and able to travel and stay overnight in hotels for meetings and fieldwork     (lodging and meal costs are covered by the Department)
  •    This position requires ability to perform physically demanding work outdoors in variable     weather conditions, including peak summer heat, freezing temperatures, and in inclement     weather
  •    Must be willing to work a flexible work schedule outside of normal business hours
  •    Must have good employment history with references

*Must Submit 3 Professional References, 2 Writing Samples, Resume, Cover Letter, and a Complete STOI Application To Be Considered For Position*


Applications Are Available In the Tribal Human Resources Department

P.O. Box 206, Wellpinit, WA 99040

Or At

Contact: Sabrina McCoy or Andrea Flett

(509) 458-6583 or (509) 458-6527

FAX: (509) 458-6556

E-mail: or

Applications Must Be Received In the Human Resources Department No Later Than

4:30 p.m. on the Closing Date

The Spokane Tribe Reserves the Right to Hire According To Its Indian

Preference Policy

Applicants Are Subject To a Pre-Employment Drug Test

Positions with the Spokane Tribe Are Subject To a 90-Day Orientation Period