Vacancy Ann. # STOI-18-171
Rate of Pay $18.00 - $23 PER HOUR, DOE, DOQ
Opening Date AUGUST 16, 2018
Closing Date SEPTEMBER 14, 2018


The Fisheries Biologist I (Field Biologist) position involves tasks related primarily to the Lake Roosevelt Fisheries Evaluation Program (LRFEP). Lake Roosevelt is a large, dynamic flood control reservoir which experiences annual changes in elevation of up to 80 ft, requiring great diligence from boat operators to maintain crew and equipment safety. Program goals are to assess wild and hatchery fish populations, fishery impacts from hydro-operations, and to analyze data characterizing fishery responses to management actions. The position will be responsible for leading field crews in various LRFEP field surveys and other data collection efforts. Additional job duties include assisting with other Fisheries Program activities, including but not limited to; aquatic community sampling and sample analyses, invasive species control, and assisting Program Biologists and Manager with the development of fishery management recommendations.


  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • One writing sample (technical report, thesis, publication, abstract, etc.)
  • Spokane Tribe Employment Application
  • Professional References (3 individuals).


  • Meticulous adherence to written SOPs and survey protocols. Will prioritize crew and equipment safety at all times. A typical work day will include navigating a research boat in a large dynamic flood control reservoir, deploying and retrieving fishery survey gear, and collecting biological data and samples.
  • Will use best professional judgement and experience to prioritize field crew safety and the quality and integrity of collected data.
  • Coordinates uniform implementation of various fishery surveys conducted by the LRFEP including hatchery and net pen quality assurance monitoring, fall walleye index netting, age-0 monitoring, boat electrofishing, and other general fishery survey activities. 
  • Will be responsible for the quality and integrity of field data. Will be required to conduct basic data analysis and to generate written data summaries, tables, and figures for reports and presentations on behalf of the Spokane Tribe of Indians.
  • Will be required to safely operate specialized research boats including electrofishers and landing craft. Vessel propulsion setups include single outboard, dual outboard, and inboard jet (21 - 26ft in length).
  • Coordinates vehicle, boat, and shop maintenance. Will ensure that all vehicles, boats, and trailers are well maintained and will keep meticulous records of services, repairs, and procurement needs.
  • Will coordinate and lead organization, repair, and maintenance of field survey gears including, but not limited to; numerous styles of gill net, beach seine, fyke net, dip net, etc.
  • Provide daily leadership to technical staff, including training and oversight of laboratory and field techniques including, but not limited to; juvenile fish identification, FLOY and PIT tagging, fin clipping, fish diet analysis, and aging structure analyses.
  • Will work closely with youth through numerous internship programs aimed at increasing interest in natural resources science. Will be expected to work closely, respectfully, and safely with a diverse group of interns ranging in age, background, and experience. 
  • Requires ability to respectfully interact with the diverse user base of Lake Roosevelt.
  • Requires ability to safely operate Tribal work vehicles in compliance with Tribal policies and to regularly travel over 150 miles in one work day occasionally in poor weather conditions while trailering 8,000 lb loads.
  • Assists with regular field checks of creel clerks and download of acoustic receivers and temperature loggers at fixed stations.
  • Assists in the interpretation of fishery and hatchery data. Data is used to evaluate and advise management decisions and the release strategies of the Spokane Tribal Hatchery.
  • Will regularly assist the volunteers of the Lake Roosevelt Rainbow Trout Net Pens Project.
  • Will assist LRFEP staff in the development of technical reports, grant proposals, and scientific posters, presentations, and manuscripts as needed.
  • Input and quality assure all fisheries data, includes but not limited to; angler creel, fish diet, aging, FWIN, invasive species control, trapping, and general monitoring data.
  • Advises updates to SOPs and survey protocols in response to changing Program needs.
  • Assists with writing and updating safety protocols, management plans, and guiding documents.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor's degree in fisheries, natural resources, aquaculture, or environmental science, with twelve months of demonstrated professional experience.
  • Must have a demonstrated background in fundamental fisheries survey, management, and statistical techniques.
  • Must be able to accurately identify local fish species at various life stages.
  • Must demonstrate familiarity with R statistical software, SigmaPlot, and ArcGIS.
  • Must demonstrate experience collecting biological data and samples and ability to maintain integrity and quality of field data.
  • Must be able to effectively communicate complex ideas to both scientific and non-scientific audiences.
  • Must demonstrate competence with MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • Must demonstrate writing skill (Provide a writing sample).
  • Must demonstrate public speaking skills (Provide an abstract sample).
  • Must be willing to travel to attend trainings and meetings.
  • Must be able to work effectively in a diverse work environment.
  • Must be willing to work hours outside of the typical work day, such as late at night, early mornings, and weekends.
  • Must demonstrate experience with boating, boat safety, and boat trailering, including a valid Washington State Boaters License (or the ability to attain one).
  • Must have a vehicle or access to reliable transportation and must hold (or be able to attain) a valid Washington State Driver’s License and be eligible for the Tribe’s vehicle insurance (good driving record). 


  • Prefer a Master’s degree in fisheries, natural resources, aquaculture, or environmental science, with twelve months of demonstrated professional experience.
  • Prefer demonstrated familiarity with large-scale fishery monitoring techniques, data collection, data interpretation, and reporting.
  • Prefer demonstrated ability to safely and effectively manage diverse technical staff and youth interns.
  • Prefer demonstrated familiarity with gill net, fyke net, beach seine, and boat electrofishing.
  • Prefer work history demonstrating boating competency and previous experience conducting fisheries surveys on a dynamic flood control reservoir.
  • Prefer demonstrated familiarity with aquaculture including hatchery and net pen culture practices.
  • Prefer demonstrated familiarity using and maintaining sensitive electronic equipment including, but not limited to; PIT tag readers, electronic scales, and field tablets. 
  • Prefer demonstrated familiarity with gill net mending, small motor repair, and general workshop skill. 
  • Prefer understanding of the co-management work environment.

Applicants must submit all required MATERIALS, or they will not be considered for the position.


Applications Are Available At the McCoy Administration Building In the Tribal Human Resources Department:

P.O. Box 206 Wellpinit, WA 99040

Contact: Sabrina McCoy or Andrea Flett

Ph# (509) 458-6583 or (509) 458-6527 or

Fax #: (509) 458-6556

Or, can be downloaded online at:


Applications Must Be Received In the Human Resources Department

No Later Than 4:30 p.m. on the Closing Date

The Spokane Tribe Reserves the Right to Hire According

to Its Indian Preference Policy

Applicants Are Subject to A Pre-Employment Drug Test

Positions with the Spokane Tribe are Subject To A 90-Day Orientation Period